Sunday, December 1, 2013

Susan Boyle's Impact: Bigger Than You Think!!

I think one has to be living under a rock not to know of Susan Boyle and her audition on 'Britian's Got Talent' in 2009. Her trying out on show and through the way of utube went viral around the world and she received immediate international recognition in a way none in history had done. Initially her intent by appearing on the show was to become a professional singing similar to one well known UK stage singer, Elaine Paige. I think it's safe to say Susan's one performance caused her to surpass in notoriety many of the great vocalists of the world. On that day in January 2009 when she sang 'I Dreamed A Dream' she embraced courage and boldness and humorously stated she was going to make the audience rock.

The audience however was world wide or became such when the taping of her audition was shown just a few months later in April. In the years since 09 she's taken her talent travelling internationally and has delighted audiences around the globe. Much could be said about her many achievements but here's one that rightly should be appreciated that will lead one to conclude her impact and influence is even bigger than one would think. Other generations will see it clearly and I trust this one will do so as well. What is it?

Andrew Andrew Lloyd-Webber perhaps the most successful composer of our time recently made comments about his new musical:

'You can never work out in life how anything’s going to go,’ he continues. ‘Take [Cameron Mackintosh’s] Les Misérables. Three or four years ago it was closing around the world and there was no film likely. Susan Boyle comes along and does that I Dreamed A Dream and the show has now become the biggest musical around the world. Just that one little thing turned it around. She could have just as easily have gone on and done Memory [from Andrew’s Cats].’ He twinkles good-humouredly.‘I rather wish she had. I haven’t seen the [Les Mis] film but it’s fantastic for musicals because everybody wants to make them again. Universal has now got Cats out of the drawer in which they locked it years ago when they bought the rights and suddenly they’re talking about a film."

When assessing what he said I'm thinking it's important that we rightly connect the dots. If he's right in what he's saying then we must conclude not only did Susan bring life back into one play [Les Mis] or the song [I Dreamed a Dream] but she also brought back into the forefront a whole type or genre of music as well!  

Consider therefore if and I say IF a whole variety of musical plays go to the big screen, which ALW thinks they will,  it should be understood the thing that triggered it is that one day in January 09 when that one hopeful contestant was bold enough and had the courage enough to make her dream come true. Not only did Susan change her own life but she may very of well have changed the course of entertainment including what's seen on the big screen. When we think of impacts we many times associate them with earthquakes. Susan's audition rocked an audience, then the world but aftershocks on other things within entertainment are still taking place!

Here is a link to Susan's original audition

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  1. No question that without Susan Boyle's 'Dream' there'd have been no movie - she revived interest in the stage musical around the world.