Sunday, September 27, 2015

Once Upon A Time: All Get Happy Endings?

So Once Upon a Time...It's about a young boy who finds his birth mother and makes an outrageous claim that he's from a town called "Storybrooke" where all it's citizens are fairy tale characters. He brings his mother Emma to the town believing she'll be the savoir and so... the story goes... on and on to our present time, or rather to the time that I  write this piece.

It's September just days before the premier of Season 5. Emma Swan is about to become the new "Dark One ".  She becomes the new bad guy having taken up the job to save Regina the misfortune of having to do it by default. Emma's feeling was Regina had worked so hard on self improvement that she didn't think it just not to see her  rewarded. Emma therefore sacrifices herself to become the Dark One.

 Don't get me wrong. The show has been fun although I felt Season 4 lost much of it's magic to thrill, but Emma being the dark one... has possibilities. Still, it's almost laughable that  Emma would or should feel too much sympathy  towards Regina. As the evil queen and let's include Rumple as well I'd ask do they truly deserve..."happy endings" ? I find it amusing how these unrelenting villains can finally see the error of their ways, throw a little romance into the picture with some tear jerking music and all gross atrocities of their pasts are marginalized and forgotten. Just for fun lets look at Regina's past...

1) She killed her own father
2) She ripped the memories from all the fairy tale characters and took them to a world against their will.
3) In the Enchanted Forest she killed a man just because they were having a wedding on her land.
 4) She ordered a whole village of poor smucks killed in her pursuit of Snow White
 5) She killed Owen's father, a father and son who made a visit to Storybrooke.
6) She killed Sheriff Graham by crushing his heart

7) She tried to kill Emma by giving her a bad apple and Henry took it to prove a point and nearly died.
8) She nearly chocked a girl to death when challenging Snow by lifting her up in the air.
9) She snuffed out the life of some of her guards unmercifully,
10) She turned a small Elf into a stone statue just for giggling.
11) She locked Belle up in a mental ward for 28 years, just to be spiteful to Rump.
12) She and her Mother, Cora killed Johanna, Snow's friend by blasting her out the town clock window.

Yes I know it's only a TV show, and I laugh  as I put this down....but what about the lives of a Regina's victims? They didn't deserve a happy ending as well? Forgiveness on minor issues is one thing folks...but we're talking about atrocities where no reasonable judge would let her out of jail for a thousand million years! I suppose even if Henry thought through on the issue he'd probably stay away as well. Strange thing though... fans of the show support her character and are pining for her ending to be happy at last. A little bit of sweetness from Regina goes a long way towards setting aside all atrocities I guess. A little dab will do you. :)  
[Just a side note. Lana Parrilla  who played Regina did an incredible job. Regina's statement, "I'll destroy your happiness if it's the last thing I do" will put fear in you leaving you with sleepless nights without end! Perhaps though like Leonard Nimoy  who put out a book, "I'm Not Spock" Parrilla will put out something similar! Now wouldn't that be magical?]

Let's look at Rumple! Much better than Regina? Here's his record,
1 ) He killed four soldiers on of which had made him kiss his boots,
2) He killed a man whose cart nudged up against Neal giving him a mere scrape
3) He killed a young lady who was his maid merely because she overheard a snippet of information
4) He killed his own wife because she was guilty of infidelity
5) He did in Belles fiance  by turning him into a flower! Well at least he'd smell good!

That's all fine though. None of those people surely deserved happy endings! A few of them might have committed an odd selfish act like the "kiss the boot" guy so for sure Rumple was justified in breaking his neck. How short sighted of anyone to think he should've shown restraint. Ha! Maybe one could say, Once Upon a Time there was a privileged few who would get their happy endings at the expense of others but... maybe that's the way it should be at least in some strange weird universe.

The victims of Regina and Rumple never demonstrated they had hopes, dreams and a passion for life but then again....maybe they didn't have time .  Should all the fictional characters on "Once Upon A Time"get happy endings? Or how about they receive the lessons that life needs to teach them and that's the way I'd cast my vote.  I've liked the show and have considered much of it  fun but if Storybrooke is all about happy endings for those who are least deserving if you had to pick a town to live you might consider one down the road.  

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