Sunday, March 6, 2016

The 2016 GOP Leadership Race

So there was a Republican debate tonight March 3 where Marco Rubio,  Ted  Cruz went after Donald Trump. John Kasich separated himself from the slug fest holding forth his own vision for governing what he'd do not focusing on opponents. It's reported the Republican establishment are desperate to stop Trump as they view him as a non-Conservative who would reap great damage for the party. It's reported that Mitt Romney in his own speech today will seek to decimate Trump's character by echoing the statements of others that Trump is a phony and fraud and would be a horrible nominee to go against Clinton in the general. One wonders if Mitt is being slightly disingenuous in leading such a charge. It should be remembered that just a few short years ago Romney didn't hesitate to say how honored he was to received Trump's endorsement so maybe the question needs to be asked if he thought so low of Donald's character and persona why such a glowing opinion of him when he needed him?  Maybe  politicians do what politician do?

 Mitt might be right in his assertions in regard to Trump  but many are putting out  that Mitt might be the wrong voice to express them. Trump on the other hand marginalizes Romney as a failed candidate....a loser who failed to win the general against Obama in 2012 therefore one whose opinion should be disdained.  So Romney lost an election therefore it should  categorize him as irrelevant?  On this  Donald might do well to break open the  history books. The renown Abraham Lincoln had approximately  6 major political loses for various positions then in 1860 ran for the Presidency and won.   Richard Nixon lost a Presidential race to Kennedy  in 1960 but came back and won the Presidency in 68. . The question is could Romney be the focal point of a potential contested, brokered convention in the months ahead against Trump. In theory possible. What Trump would do would remain to be seen. In Romney's goings on against Trump a rather interesting omission seemed evident. Mitt gave no endorsement of any of the candidates running.

 Adding to the mystery he encouraged voters in each of their home states to vote for their home guy....Rubio for Floridians and Cruz for the Texans and Kasich  for the states further north. Why? Not a sign that he'd want to keep the votes split so he could take the reigns of power in  a brokered convention?  Even Cruz responded that this should be won by the voters not by people making back room deals. Look for the Mitt getting more involved in media appearances as I now see he's being booked by various networks for interviews.  Back to the debate.....the response from the audience who watched it was predictable. Most defined it as disgraceful, childish and immature and many expressed embarrassment as to being Republicans. Of course it was to be expected. `

As pointed out Kasich stayed positive where as the name of the game for the others was to  become derogatory and demeaning to Trump crucifying him with every question they were asked on various themes. They couldn't just present their own case for governing regardless of how well they articulated their own stance....they were obviously coached  by others that they had to shake Trump's support as being the only hope they'd have to advance in the polls.  One wonders if any thing they said long term will make any difference. Regardless of what issues they hammered Trump on  will he continue to be thought of as Teflon Don in other words nothing can shake his support? Could the real truth be that the strong momentum  wave of support he enjoys really have nothing much to do with him being consistent with a virtuous other words have many already worked into the equation in their support of Trump that they can acknowledge he's not always an honorable person in business and other affairs BUT it's not an issue?

Might it be that a great many Americans are totally disillusioned and are cynical of everybody BUT especially the political class? Might they feel time and time again they had sent elected officials to make change and to make stands when it comes to economics or a whole host of other issues.....and they see no positive results but rather the giving into the democrats or Obama on each and every turn?  It's not an easy time to be a Republican of the old guard. Perhaps the best way to describe the GOP presently is right now they're in a meat grinder. There's nothing pretty about this leadership race and it undoubtedly will be a long time before there's a unifying calm or peace. The question stands out will the voters in the general even  consider  the Republicans READY to rule. Regardless as to whether a Trump, or a Cruz or a Romney got in on a brokered convention don't voters  like to believe the President's own party is standing with him in support?  With much of the low level rhetoric  always going forth is it even possible to imagine they can recover a sense of needed unity? We'll see although I'd have my doubts.

If there's any consolation Republicans can have if they lose the general it might be this....Hillary might only end up a one term President. In three to four years they should be able to rebuild their party. The support for Trump is interesting and noteworthy. One has to wonder for all his claims that everyone likes him and he's the guy who can make deals do we really see these traits in the present here and now? Shouldn't the race actually be the place where we see it demonstrated? When is it that we'd get to see the charming Donald come forth? Many have claimed that he's a fighter and a scrapper a desired trait within reason  BUT he himself has claimed he can cross the isle with  ability to show much diplomatic garnering cooperation with those of a different stripe.

Really? How so when his mannerisms and style have been viewed as standoffish not just from Democrats but to Republicans alike. Granted two wrongs don't make a right. His political opponents among the Republicans have stooped down low rolling out terms like liar and phony BUT who created the monster? One has to wonder if Donald did himself.  The Donald looks quite uncomfortable now.  Lately he appears like he's trying to show respect but it doesn't come easy for one who in times past as been like the one in control and in charge of his businesses or Apprentice shows dismissing ones, which according to him are incompetents with the flick of his hand. The shock for him is it doesn't quite work that way in the political world. Others seeking power aren't so easily  put off and they'll come back and hurt you not looking upon you as the Great and Powerful anything. He's only viewed that way in the world of funny TV shows. Perhaps it's time he allows reality to set in?

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