Monday, May 9, 2016

Man's Obituary Asks People Not To Vote Hillary!


Strange, Bizarre and Weird (SBW-3)

You've heard of the African-American vote, the Hispanic Vote, the Evangelical about this one....The Pass Away Vote! 

This takes the prize for today's Strange, Bizarre and Weird....a man in his obituary leaves a request for people NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton. A Massachusetts man who recently passed away left an interesting political message in his obituary. He urged people not to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Yahoo News ...

 Man’s Obituary Asks People Not to Vote For Hillary Clinton
  In lieu of flowers, do not vote for Hillary Clinton.
That’s the final wish of one Massachusetts man, who asked friends and family not to pick the Democrat in his obituary. Carl Crocetti, 62, passed away on Sunday after a decline in health over the past year.
“Carl requested in lieu of flowers that people elect NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in November,” his obituary reads.

It's been said that Donald The Trump in the polls is behind Hillary by double digits....if one factors in the PASS AWAY vote who knows it might breath new life into his campaign and put him over the top. Perhaps Hillary should be knocking on tombstones to see if she can garner support. Maybe a  flower at each grave might do the trick?

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