Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lady Liberty Is Crying!!

This just in....Lady Liberty, yes the Statue of Liberty is  crying in New York's harbor. You guessed it....due to the  2016 Presidential election. Liberty is her happiest when the best, most qualified individuals are at the helm of America's leadership  however she's  looked over the great land and has become bewildered and disillusioned at the prospects at just who'll be in charge. She's heard the word....the two Presidential contenders from both parties have the greatest disapproval numbers in history...not much to be excited about.

Yes Hillary just won the leadership race  for the Dems....exciting right? Perhaps not when one looks at the numbers. While Hillary achieved the magic delegate count consider the details.  In the DEM's own primaries Hillary received 1.5 million fewer votes then she did in 2008! For the party over all they scored 7 million less votes as compared to 2008 as well.  Encouraging? I'd suggest not. Even in her big win in California against Sanders she scored  1,841,285 votes, but it's worth to note in her 2008 run against Barack Obama her California tally was 2,608,184! What's that mean? That's a 30% drop of support for Hillary from eight years ago!

To put it politely it could be the American populace and yes even the Dems consider the dear lady as less then sincere when it comes to her legal issues.  Yes it's still early but this might be a stay home election for those traditionally prone to vote.  Hillary's support is weak regardless of her actual wins. And then there's the Donald. He's done well in the primaries scoring high among his base but can he appeal to the great many others needed to clinch a Presidency? With Donald it's been like one step forward, two steps backwards and at the time of this writing the reality is the planets have aligned for the perfect storm for his opponent and  he should be having a hay day with Clinton, scoring major points in his case against her...and  yet he's struggling to overcome controversies  of his own making leading to a revolt of sorts of members of his own party  withdrawing their endorsements.

 The latest issue was Trump's suggesting a U.S. judge, Gonzalo Curiel is being biased against him due to being a decedent of Mexican parents. The said  judge was born in Indiana. Americans  claim to have a standard of ethics they cherish which says stereotyping an individual claiming they can't render a fair decision of things because of  ethnicity  is unacceptable.  So true! I agree!

Wouldn't it be nice to see however  that everyone be given the same benefit of the doubt that true equality be used as a template for all  citizens of America?'s been deemed a perfectly acceptable practice that defense attorneys in representing their clients feel it's only fair to stack a jury full of individuals who are of the same ethnicity as the one they represent. The reasoning is? That their client may have a "FAIR TRIAL".  Consider the 1995 trial of O.J. Simpson. The jury make up? Out of 12... 9 were black, 1 was Hispanic and 2 were white. This is not to say the trials of whites don't overload the juries with a makeup which reflects their own ethnicity as well.

Also consider that in picks for the U.S. Supreme court that  ethnicity has been used as a criteria for acceptance. Supreme Court Judge, Sonia Sotomayor was denounced by very few people for suggesting her gender and national origins as being a Latino may well make a difference in her other words to the end result of giving a person a fair and balanced trial.  Not a wrong way of reasoning too? Donald has said the same thing from a different perspective and yet he's become universally condemned. Having said all this....YES TRUMP WAS WRONG...the acceptable standard should be that all citizens be given the benefit of the doubt that they can be fair and impartial when making decisions.

 By drawing into question the judge's ability to do so should be deemed unacceptable and it'd be wise for him to recant but LADY LIBERTY in the harbor  knows that's not in the cards  and neither will the rest of the nation on the other side which do the same, thus....LIBERTY weeps. If fairness is not for all with no double standard employed then LIBERTY laments that her spirit may not truly be in the hearts of the people. Who meets the qualifications  of being  one who can be fair and impartial?  Shouldn't it be any citizen who have  given no evidence to the contrary?  Maybe we should cheer up  Liberty today by looking at the bigger picture! She's held up her torch of freedom  for years! I wonder if it's time to hold up the best of  our characters as well. 

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