Sunday, December 9, 2018

Candy Canes Banned! They Look Like "J" For Jesus!

An elementary school principal in Nebraska was suspended for telling teachers not to have "J" shaped candy canes decorating the classroom. Reason? The "J" looks like Jesus! Do you think she went through all other candies to make sure there was nothing else that might offend?

Maybe if the kids promised to hold them upright that might be OK?  I mean what's offensive about this? (below)

 Or maybe if the kids joined them together to make a heart there would be no offense?

I read another said that they're supposed to be what they're called....CANES. They  suggest candy companies made them that way so it'd be easy to hang them on things. Not sure if this school principal considered this?  (below)

Makes you wonder though. If "J" looking things are banned than what about people needing real canes to help walking? Maybe we can kick them out of their hands or allow only walking sticks with no hook on the end?  After all.....we certainly don't want to see people offended. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Republicans Stunned LIke Heston In Planet of The Apes!!

Strange Bizarre and Weird (SBW-2)

Could many Republicans  be looking at the future of their party in the same way Charlton Heston did  in the movie  "The Planet of the Apes" ??? You'll recall the scene where he looked up at that lone figure, the  Statue of Liberty that he saw half buried in the sand bringing him to the shocking realization that this was his world, not some other .....and that somehow it tragically met it's  demise...all he held dear....destroyed!

 Perhaps  Republicans can relate to that apocalyptic. scenario.  With the rise and win of Trump all notions that things would continue  business as usual   have been brought to nought and perceived expectations came crashing down.  This was to be the year when someone like a Chris Christie or a Jeb Bush were to strut their stuff and presumably get the nod.  When it comes to Jeb,  he was after all a Bush and surely the electorate most certainly would consider it best to let the dynasty  continue. His father became President, his brother, so his turn BUT.... no.  He hit the wall.  The Donald Wall! 

The electorate  drew the line and said enough! Out with the with the new! The GOP is not the same and maybe never again will be. It's ruins lay out there much like Lady Liberty fallen over in the Heston film. Donald Trump is not considered as a true Conservative and Republican party members in mass  feel flabbergasted.  The real question they're poised with now is can they rebuild what they considered their once grand party or surrender to their disillusionment and question why even bother?

  The party is being morphed into something different, a beast of a different type and sort and one wonders if the old guard even have the capability of surviving the transformation.  Their day may be done and their names may serve only now as memorials on headstones in the political graveyards speaking of the past. Rest In Peace??  Or will they have  to settle with unrest  of a perpetually kind!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Oz Experts To The Rescue!

(For "Once Upon a Time" fans)

Are we all sure all these "ONCE" characters in the UW are truly dead? I'm reading that Dorothy from Oz will be in Storybrooke in 5B and with that being the case I'm thinking she should bring some of the Munchkins. In the 1938, Judy Garland "Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy killed the Witch of the East the Munchkins made sure they did their due diligence making doubly sure one is genuinely dead before pronouncing them so, as found in this song that the Munchkins sang about the Witch being dead,

"We've got to verify it legally to see if she is morally ethically, spiritually physically, positively absolutely undeniably and reliably dead."

Then the Coroner sang, "As Coroner I must aver, I thoroughly examined her and she's not only merely dead she's really most sincerely dead."

So the story goes that Hook, Cora, Pan and some others met their demise some time ago. As I say I think it'd be good to see some "OZ" experts first verify that this is the case!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Katherine & Fredrick : Great Story Line Missed??

 (For "Once Upon a Time" fans)

Was a really great storyline missed at the beginning of the series that might have been good? I'm speaking about Katherine Noland. During the first curse Kathrine we know didn't know who she was and had all the false memories of her and David as being married. We saw Fredrick her true love in a few scenes in Storybrooke in Season 1 appearing in places where she is, although their true memories were eradicated. When EMMA broke that curse you see everyone coming into contact with those they knew reconnecting. David with Snow etc..

Katherine would have sought out Fredrick and would have found him, and yet we saw nothing of that. Some haven't liked the character of Katherine but keep in mind in the Enchanted Forest she did seek to protect and save David's life from both of their fathers. And David risked his life and brought Fredrick back from being the gold stature. At that point they did become not lovers but great friends, Once the Storybrooke curse was broken they then had a shared experience of being used by Regina so David and her went through quite a lot.

After the Storybrooke curse I would have thought Katherine, Fredrick, Snow and David would have got together to compare notes to comfort each other from the shared trauma the four of them had gone through. Maybe they all should have become great friends and I'd say Regina should have really tried to make amends especially to Katherine for subjecting her to the things which she did. Who knows....maybe Katherine and Fredrick would have wanted to babysit David and Snow's child Neal when they went to the UW, When Neal gets older although they're not related he might have referred to Katherine and Fredrick as almost an aunt and uncle.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Can we agree that if Emma and Hook come together in marriage on "Once Upon A Time" perhaps there needs to be an agreement? Swords at FAMILY GATHERINGS are not allowed? It's been twice now the Charming family has run Hook though with one. First time David did in the episode "Operation Mongoose". Now Emma has in "SwanSong" Let's just hope that Mary Margret (Snow) doesn't feel it's her turn next I mean how much can ones innards take unless of course Hook is a masochist and a brute for punishment! Is it an oxymoron they're known as the "Charmings"? Maybe they need to take the knives off the table too? His name is Killian and he's been killed twice now! Maybe we can hope the poor fellow catches a break.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Emma's New Boyfriend?

On "Once Upon a Time"  I'm starting to wonder if the best guy for Emma would be Dr Hopper. He always liked talking to Dark Ones helping them find their conscious and tried not to turn against them and we know that Emma at least appreciated him....who knows....maybe in time that spark of appreciation can be fanned into the passion of love? Granted it might help if he started wearing a black leather jacket and threw away his umbrella and tried some of that eye liner stuff! It worked for Hook...maybe it will work for him too? Crazy? Perhaps but at least Emma wouldn't have to worry about Dr Hopper doing her in and threatening to kill her as Hook has done simply for the reason she made a mistake! Henry loves him as well and they've been friends for years!  Not only that but with an Archibald/Emma match up Henry could keep Pongo forever which I'm sure he'd consider a genuine happy ending! I betcha even Pongo would agree! LOL

Friday, November 13, 2015


Maybe ANTON the Giant from "Once Upon a Time"  has an idea that might help? In another time, another realm he along with others from Storybrooke, who at that time went by different names, were in quite a dilemma! They were 'LOST" on an island with no hope of running out, food, water shelter, on top of that hidden enemies trying to do them in one at a time.Talk about frazzling the nerves of everyone ! Hurley, I mean ANTON quickly recognized all of their lives sucked!

He concluded there are times one must take their minds off the problem of the day...take a pause, just enjoy yourself! He built a golf course! It was rugged but... did the job. The leaders of their group thought he was crazy at first believing important things should take priority but after knocking a few balls on the course they soon discovered it had a soothing effect on their nerves enabling them to think clearly about the more pressing issues.

Maybe that's what Storybrooke needs? Everyone's nerves are shot except Zelena who thinks everything is funny. I say get them out on the course, heroes and villains alike and even the fans too! Everyone needs to chill! I mean just ask yourself if the Dark One Emma played 18 holes against Rumple...who would win? I'm sure Anton would have the support of Dr Hopper in promoting it as well! It'd be great to release some stress! Why wait for a happy ending? The time to have some fun is now!