Sunday, July 29, 2012

                               Mannequin Dummies To Fill The Seats??

Wow! Empty seats at the Olympics. I guess you have to wonder if many are asking why in the world did they build these structures if they only ended up half full. Apparently it's not because let's call them 'real sports fans' didn't want to go but it's reported that cooperative sponsors were given whole blocks of tickets....and it appears for the best seats in the house....and it appears they really had no intentions of going.

It's too bad the little guy on the street, the common folk who truly believed in the Olympic spirit were held back from buying tickets! Sold out they were told or so it's reported. There's talk now of passing tickets out to the military or perhaps students. If that fails I'd suggest they should fill those seats with mannequin dummies the kind they use in movie shoots. I'm sure the athletes would consider they don't look too excited but at least they're better than nothing. They might even consider the organizers should take a seat among them.

Seriously there's really no Olympics that doesn't have it's embarrassing glitches. In the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games there was the-opening-ceremony-girl-not-cute-enough-to-sing shame. In my own country of Canada our winter Olympics of 2010 there was the caged torch controversy.

As the couple of weeks the Olympics last organizers regardless of their country have glitches and quirks they desperately seek to work out. Nothing comes off perfect but you try your best. This particular situation is rather revealing however for the reason it demonstrating how the elites, the so called 'important people' are so much of the time given preferential treatment with tickets perhaps even provided  them for free...and they failed to support what they claimed they were behind all the time. I guess one could say they're playing their own type of game.

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  1. Your suggestion to use mannequin dummies might be misconstrued as an invitation to fill the seats with politicians. ;)