Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Can we agree that if Emma and Hook come together in marriage on "Once Upon A Time" perhaps there needs to be an agreement? Swords at FAMILY GATHERINGS are not allowed? It's been twice now the Charming family has run Hook though with one. First time David did in the episode "Operation Mongoose". Now Emma has in "SwanSong" Let's just hope that Mary Margret (Snow) doesn't feel it's her turn next I mean how much can ones innards take unless of course Hook is a masochist and a brute for punishment! Is it an oxymoron they're known as the "Charmings"? Maybe they need to take the knives off the table too? His name is Killian and he's been killed twice now! Maybe we can hope the poor fellow catches a break.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Emma's New Boyfriend?

On "Once Upon a Time"  I'm starting to wonder if the best guy for Emma would be Dr Hopper. He always liked talking to Dark Ones helping them find their conscious and tried not to turn against them and we know that Emma at least appreciated him....who knows....maybe in time that spark of appreciation can be fanned into the passion of love? Granted it might help if he started wearing a black leather jacket and threw away his umbrella and tried some of that eye liner stuff! It worked for Hook...maybe it will work for him too? Crazy? Perhaps but at least Emma wouldn't have to worry about Dr Hopper doing her in and threatening to kill her as Hook has done simply for the reason she made a mistake! Henry loves him as well and they've been friends for years!  Not only that but with an Archibald/Emma match up Henry could keep Pongo forever which I'm sure he'd consider a genuine happy ending! I betcha even Pongo would agree! LOL

Friday, November 13, 2015


Maybe ANTON the Giant from "Once Upon a Time"  has an idea that might help? In another time, another realm he along with others from Storybrooke, who at that time went by different names, were in quite a dilemma! They were 'LOST" on an island with no hope of running out, food, water shelter, on top of that hidden enemies trying to do them in one at a time.Talk about frazzling the nerves of everyone ! Hurley, I mean ANTON quickly recognized all of their lives sucked!

He concluded there are times one must take their minds off the problem of the day...take a pause, just enjoy yourself! He built a golf course! It was rugged but... did the job. The leaders of their group thought he was crazy at first believing important things should take priority but after knocking a few balls on the course they soon discovered it had a soothing effect on their nerves enabling them to think clearly about the more pressing issues.

Maybe that's what Storybrooke needs? Everyone's nerves are shot except Zelena who thinks everything is funny. I say get them out on the course, heroes and villains alike and even the fans too! Everyone needs to chill! I mean just ask yourself if the Dark One Emma played 18 holes against Rumple...who would win? I'm sure Anton would have the support of Dr Hopper in promoting it as well! It'd be great to release some stress! Why wait for a happy ending? The time to have some fun is now! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Did Guinevere Cast The Curse??

This particular blog post is merely for those who have been fans of, "Once Upon a Time" and understand the latest happenings of Season 5. Sorry...anybody else won't have a clue what I'm talking about.

 Ok, for the fans, you're well aware that to cast the curse one needs to crush the heart of the one they love most. That was established as law in the canon of the series so that leads us to work through this by I'd say the simple process of elimination. Consider everyone they took on the journey to Camelot and back to Storybrooke  is still alive, Henry, Hook, Robin, Belle, Rumple, the Charmings all are accounted for including Zelena plus all and every co-stars like the dwarfs and Granny, and yet a law is still a law! To cast the curse one needs to crush the heart of their most loved.

So...where's that leave us? I'd say looking to other characters, not of the original Storybook group but to the citizens from Camelot. Do we have someone from that group who are strangely missing? We do indeed! Lancelot. And who loves him the most....Guinevere! Could the truth of the matter be that DEAD?  Did Guinevere become free of that dust spell thing and sacrifice Lancelot to buy more time for the OTHERS to stop or slow down Arthur from whatever agenda he'd planned and to give Emma time to make Gold a hero?

  Perhaps he's the one who defeats Arthur for it needed a hero to do it. thus releasing Gold once and for all forever from him thinking he's a coward? Might that really be his happy ending after all, to have that issue resolved?  And the theme for have all others help Guinevere get Lancelot back from the underworld in order to bring this love couple back together? Might not be true but the question remains....WHY isn't Lancelot anywhere to be found? I think it fits.

Monday, October 19, 2015

14 Hilarious Things Which Could Happen In Storybrooke!

14)  Zelena plans to DESTROY EVERYONE'S HAPPINESS if it's the last thing see does. . She creates hundreds of clones of herself and releases them in Storybrooke.

13)  ANTON the Giant or "Tiny" as he now has been called considers that everyone's lives in Storybooke suck! They need a stress reliever heroes and villains alike. His answer? He opens up a golf course....much like somebody else we know did in "LOST"!

12)  The people of Storybrooke are shocked to discover just who was the first Dark One. Star Wars happened a long time ago in a galaxy far away but it's learned that Darth Vader Once Upon A Time paid Earth a visit as he was just passing through.

 11)  Mr Gold discovers his Pawn Shop was broken into and all his goods stolen. He ends up in the mental institution in Belle's old room, spinning what he thinks is gold but in reality it's only  cotton.

10) Robin becomes the new Sheriff, marries Regina but sells her posh house and gives the money to the poor. Regina begins to wonder if being with Robin was such a good idea!

9) Belle who loves books becomes a famous author who writes a book, "Why I Just Couldn't Leave Someone Who Broke My Heart  A Million Times!"

8) Regina starts a business that does everything with apples, apple juice, apple turnovers etc

7) Emma become a hairdresser with an expertise at doing extensions. She does her mother's hair for free.

6) Astrid the Nun who was a before Nova the fairy finally decides her and Leroy are going to be married. When the blue fairy complains they tell her to get a REAL life and stop living in a fantasy world.

5)  Henry becomes a computer geek and creates a new game program. The whole town gets addicted to it and before they know it they've all lost touch of reality living in this make believe world  he's created! Good thing about it the people of Storybrooke can physically stay in their town not having to jump in body from world to world. True they might look like zombies walking up and down the street playing  his game with hand devices BUT it's not too much different than our REAL world.

4)  Grannie and Red find a way to expand their diner beyond the border of the  town  turning it  into a franchise which goes from coast to coast. Dishes would be named after every character in Storybrooke.

3) Dr Whale  creates a drug which stops the citizens of Storybrooke from getting amnesia every 6 months.

2) The IRS find out the people of Storybrooke haven't  been paying federal taxes but when they go there to investigate Regina ships them off to a different world. All Storybrooke now love their once hated queen!

 1) When Storybrooke becomes known to the outside world some in the country view them as illegal immigrants who failed to enter the country through proper channels. The same want to see everyone of them deported.

More To Come 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Is Emma "The Dark One" Really Vertigo's Madeleine Elster?

So here we are in Season 5 of "Once Upon a Time" where Emma has become the feared "Dark One".  Many have pondered of the make up choice for Jennifer Morrison's appearance and have wondered just why she's got the hair dyed white and pushed up in a bun.   Something to me looked familiar.

It wasn't long before it dawned on me or at least I don't think it's coincidental that Emma Swan the Dark One  bears a striking resemblance of the mysterious Madeleine Elster from the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film "Vertigo"  starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. Novak plays Madeleine, a dark, mysterious character with a story line not so far different than Emma Swan!

 Let's consider not just the story but also the look. Jimmy Stewart plays, "Scottie" a retired police officer who's hired as a private investigator to follow a man's supposedly mentally deranged wife who portrays herself as one who's convinced her destiny is being forced into darkness and destruction by a relative who died about a century prior. Scottie's assignment is merely to collect information and file a report but in short order he finds himself madly in love with Madeline, his clients wife.

With great passion of heart, soul and mind he does everything possible to restore her to a rational state. Not sounding a lot like Hook's drive and  passion on "Once Upon a Time"??  Same look? Same idea? The story line is not absolutely exact but are the similarities of costumes and dress coincidental?  I think not. One can compare the two with pictures.

My advice for  Hook to save Emma...Just be like Scottie in Vertigo. When Madeleine cried out in her desperate state,

"Don't leave me...stay with me!"

 Scottie without hesitation reassured her with,

 "All the time!"

They kissed again quite passionately [see picture up top] as they stood there by the sea and the wind blew causing the waves to dash up against the rocks throwing up a curtain of spray!  I say do the same Killian! We know you can do it! Take her out on the Jolly Rogers tonight and say those lovely things! :)


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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Once Upon A Time: All Get Happy Endings?

So Once Upon a Time...It's about a young boy who finds his birth mother and makes an outrageous claim that he's from a town called "Storybrooke" where all it's citizens are fairy tale characters. He brings his mother Emma to the town believing she'll be the savoir and so... the story goes... on and on to our present time, or rather to the time that I  write this piece.

It's September just days before the premier of Season 5. Emma Swan is about to become the new "Dark One ".  She becomes the new bad guy having taken up the job to save Regina the misfortune of having to do it by default. Emma's feeling was Regina had worked so hard on self improvement that she didn't think it just not to see her  rewarded. Emma therefore sacrifices herself to become the Dark One.

 Don't get me wrong. The show has been fun although I felt Season 4 lost much of it's magic to thrill, but Emma being the dark one... has possibilities. Still, it's almost laughable that  Emma would or should feel too much sympathy  towards Regina. As the evil queen and let's include Rumple as well I'd ask do they truly deserve..."happy endings" ? I find it amusing how these unrelenting villains can finally see the error of their ways, throw a little romance into the picture with some tear jerking music and all gross atrocities of their pasts are marginalized and forgotten. Just for fun lets look at Regina's past...

1) She killed her own father
2) She ripped the memories from all the fairy tale characters and took them to a world against their will.
3) In the Enchanted Forest she killed a man just because they were having a wedding on her land.
 4) She ordered a whole village of poor smucks killed in her pursuit of Snow White
 5) She killed Owen's father, a father and son who made a visit to Storybrooke.
6) She killed Sheriff Graham by crushing his heart

7) She tried to kill Emma by giving her a bad apple and Henry took it to prove a point and nearly died.
8) She nearly chocked a girl to death when challenging Snow by lifting her up in the air.
9) She snuffed out the life of some of her guards unmercifully,
10) She turned a small Elf into a stone statue just for giggling.
11) She locked Belle up in a mental ward for 28 years, just to be spiteful to Rump.
12) She and her Mother, Cora killed Johanna, Snow's friend by blasting her out the town clock window.

Yes I know it's only a TV show, and I laugh  as I put this down....but what about the lives of a Regina's victims? They didn't deserve a happy ending as well? Forgiveness on minor issues is one thing folks...but we're talking about atrocities where no reasonable judge would let her out of jail for a thousand million years! I suppose even if Henry thought through on the issue he'd probably stay away as well. Strange thing though... fans of the show support her character and are pining for her ending to be happy at last. A little bit of sweetness from Regina goes a long way towards setting aside all atrocities I guess. A little dab will do you. :)  
[Just a side note. Lana Parrilla  who played Regina did an incredible job. Regina's statement, "I'll destroy your happiness if it's the last thing I do" will put fear in you leaving you with sleepless nights without end! Perhaps though like Leonard Nimoy  who put out a book, "I'm Not Spock" Parrilla will put out something similar! Now wouldn't that be magical?]

Let's look at Rumple! Much better than Regina? Here's his record,
1 ) He killed four soldiers on of which had made him kiss his boots,
2) He killed a man whose cart nudged up against Neal giving him a mere scrape
3) He killed a young lady who was his maid merely because she overheard a snippet of information
4) He killed his own wife because she was guilty of infidelity
5) He did in Belles fiance  by turning him into a flower! Well at least he'd smell good!

That's all fine though. None of those people surely deserved happy endings! A few of them might have committed an odd selfish act like the "kiss the boot" guy so for sure Rumple was justified in breaking his neck. How short sighted of anyone to think he should've shown restraint. Ha! Maybe one could say, Once Upon a Time there was a privileged few who would get their happy endings at the expense of others but... maybe that's the way it should be at least in some strange weird universe.

The victims of Regina and Rumple never demonstrated they had hopes, dreams and a passion for life but then again....maybe they didn't have time .  Should all the fictional characters on "Once Upon A Time"get happy endings? Or how about they receive the lessons that life needs to teach them and that's the way I'd cast my vote.  I've liked the show and have considered much of it  fun but if Storybrooke is all about happy endings for those who are least deserving if you had to pick a town to live you might consider one down the road.  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Unlocking The Flash Side Ways Universe of "Lost"

I had been reading some old posts on a web site in regard to the mystery of the television series LOST. It's quite peculiar that discussions of the series still takes place but it was a show enjoyed by many a few years back. The issue I'd like to explore  is just what was the nature of the "flash sideways" universe, timeline or whatever else one might want to call it which was introduced into the story at the beginning of Season 6. I'll refer to it here as the UPPER timeline as well. It seemed to start or find it's beginning point of existence when Juliet in the last  episode of Season 5 blows up the hatch or the research station with an atomic bomb no less.  
Her reason for doing so was her belief that all that took place before would be changed....that Flight 815 would never have crashed and that past events of TIME would be changed, thus sparing them from the difficulties they'd been through. This last episode of Season 5 ends with a bright flash of white light to set the stage for the next Season of LOST. Fast forward to Season 6, 1st episode and we see the answer to the question...or so one would think watching the first few minutes. Episode 1 shows the white flash of light and presto! They're aboard Flight 815 presumably before the crash of 815 but this time the plane doesn't do so. One therefore could be quick to conclude it worked that they succeeded in their goal, that they had in effect....changed time.  

That conclusion is brought into question however a few minutes later when another scene ahead reveals the residents of Lost are still back on the island. The bomb did go off and yet they were still alive albeit greatly dishevelled. So now viewers are faced with a glaring contradiction. The writers of LOST are throwing you into a quagmire of confusion. As I've said I'm going to refer to them as time lines, one where the characters of LOST are  continuing on their Flight 815 without crashing...the other where the bomb didn't achieve the desired  end result!

 It was the writers objective at this time,  one could say to have us on the ropes! When one examines closely the first scene of what I'll call the "upper timeline" where the LOST characters are flying once again aboard the plane that is before the original crash, you'll see embedded in that scene a clue or key on how to unlock the mystery, however even that must be held onto to right to the end of Season 6....the very last episode.

At that point the  pieces of the puzzle can be seen to clearly fit together. What's the clue? Jack on board the plane goes to the rest room and is surprised to find a small abrasion on his neck, drawing blood. That's it. That's the clue which will eventually unlock the mystery.  You'll notice that CLUE of the blood on Jack's neck is repeated more than once  in other episodes that is in the flash sideways reality. You keep seeing this small amount of blood on Jack's neck  in different scenes but here's one more very revealing clue in the Flash side ways....Jack looks in the mirror and raises his shirt to look at his side. He doesn't see anything but he's sensing something isn't quite right, with his side.

All right, so how does the small amount of  blood on Jack's  neck and something wrong with his side relate as the clues and key? One doesn't find out until the Season's grand finale, It's revealed in the fight between Jack and Locke on the island in the lower time line. Recall that they're both fighting at the edge of the cliff and Locke plunges a knife into Jack's side. He then turns him over and seeks to bring the knife down upon Jacks neck. The camera stays on this shot for considerable time where Jacks resisting but the blade does draw a small trickle of blood from his neck.

[remember now...the blood on Jacks neck he notices when aboard Flight 815 AT THE START of the flash sideways]

Kate in the lower time line shoots Locke from behind with a gun, BUT Jack from that point, from that exact in the process of dying.
Here's the thing...many have said in the flash sideways Jack was dead at the time. True? Not exactly, although true to a point. Let me put it this way...he was as some might say  as good as dead. You have to understand a concept here which the writers considered valid or they had at least heard of this phenomena, which is right before some dies they're STILL HERE in a sense...and yet they're seeing over into the other realm, the other place, the other reality...they're sort of in a mix between two worlds. Let's just say from the time that Jack and Locke had their fight on the cliff until the time when he closed his eye for the last time....and died...pretending all this wasn't fiction we could say it was about 45 minutes from the point Jack was stabbed until he drew his last breath. From our vantage point in the lower time line that's how long his experience was from start to finish in the side ways state of existence.

For Jack however it seemed days and from his vantage point in what we could call the UPPER realm, it was. Desmond Hume was the first of the group to experience....the flash sideways place. You'll recall Charles Widmore subjected him to the power of electromagnetism in the shack with the solenoid coil. He felt he was gone for hours but in fact it was a mere few seconds. This same principal held true for Jack. His whole time in the sideways reality was truly less than an hour, again to the time of his fight with Locke on the cliff until he closed his eye for the last time having died.

To confirm this once again  you'll recall the last few seconds before Jack died....he's walking in the jungle stumbling while doing so, then a quick flash scene of him  walking to greet Locke in the church, then in a flash he's back on the island falling down on the ground to die and then a quick flash to the UPPER place where he moves his body to sit down with Kate in a pew. All his actions in both realms are simultaneously taking place. Every thing is lining up. The whole time line of the flash sideways, UPPER place I've called it truly started at the time of the fight between Locke and Jack.

Technically he isn't dead and yet he's more on the other side, the eternal, than the lower physical world. Once he closes his eye, he's technically truly dead or disconnected from the earthly realm. So what of all the others on the island. Just to mention a few Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Syid, and Locke, plus others.....some died before Jack and some afterwards.

All die at sometime however but as they would or had they found themselves in the UPPER place...the flash side ways. On another note is't interesting the writers of LOST claim they didn't put any real focus on any one particular religion in the upper time line where things were being orchestrated to bring them all together although I take issue with that and contend  they did. Yes in the church in the FS they did incorporate symbols of various religions but take special note of the one who was the KEY speaker taking the Losties into the LIGHT. Christian Sheppard.


Kate in the flash sideways made a special mention of his name, by saying to Desmond, "You're kidding!" He wasn't. The name of Jack's father was Christian Sheppard which had to be code words for meaning, 'Christ The Sheppard'. And what does Christ the Sheppard do? He's the one who ultimately takes people into the light, which is what Jack's father did. Naming Jack's father Christian Sheppard was I'd say a subtle way and really if you think about it a not so subtle way of highlighting Christianity as being the way into the light.

Putting all political correctness aside it does seem to be the slant or way of thinking the writers of LOST wanted to convey, although some might disagree, or to put it this may not agree that Christ  is the exclusive light bearer, but I think it can be hardly denied that such in a subtle way is what the writers of LOST tried to convey. It does seem regardless of claims to the contrary they were favouring a Christian direction to end the series. Whether it's because they felt the largely U.S. viewership would respond to it more favourably I wouldn't know...BUT it does seem clearly apparent.

The flash sideways place or upper timeline as I've called it...what was it's actual purpose? It's been acknowledged to be a place for the LOST characters to come to terms with loose ends about their earthly existence...things that still needed to be worked out and addressed about their characters before moving on. Swayer felt the need to be a more honourable person...thus in the UPPER timeline he found himself as a police officer. Kate needed to stop running and demonstrate a willingness to be a help to another....thus her being with Claire and helping her through difficulties.

Claire felt the need to become a good Mother and Jack felt the need to become a caring and compassionate father. Benjamin Lions was one who felt the need to be a support and encouragement and so we see him helping John Locke in the upper time line. One can see how much he wanted to be a good Father in support to his daughter Alex and her mother Danielle. Yes I know. One might claim the writers said they didn't create a purgatory idea but everything they put into the flash sideways must be acknowledged is basically the same thing.

So in conclusion....did they bring the series to an end which was satisfying to most fans? In regard to Season 6 it was quite a unique manner or approach in story telling to say the least. The first scenes and start of S-6 was really a flash forward of what would become created.... in the last episode of Season 6. Flash forward, flash backwards flash forward, flash backwards...WOW! I wonder however if most of their fans had lost patience with the writers in not bringing any type of closure within a reasonable matter of time over the many unanswered questions.

You can see my evidence for believing this to be the case in the blog I wrote in 2014 as we examine the shows ratings from year to year. [click link]

I would say LOST was a bold attempt to do something different, something out of the ordinary. If this was their intent than I suppose one could say their goal was achieved. I did find the series entertaining however there was many themes introduced which seemed to be mere filler to keep the show afloat. Would it more than likely have been better to end it after three seasons instead of six? Perhaps so. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Teacher Late 111 Times And Keeps Their Job!!


How about this for a laugh....a teacher in New Jersey will keep his job despite being late 111 times! Not a bad achievement seeing in other professions one might be fired after only one such incident. I suppose though educators should be granted a special allowance, that is with all their book learning and all, I mean give the guy a break!
This faculty member made the claim that the quality of his teaching was more important than inconsequential things like setting a good example for students to exemplify. I suppose this should be brought into consideration, after all...the last thing his superiors should want is to be is short sighted in seeing the bigger picture. It might have served them right if they lost the great talent that every once in awhile he was bringing to the table! Who knows? Perhaps his students would have dropped out of school at the dismay of not being educated by the best...the best that is according to him. Or maybe his boss is guilty of the greater wrong?

That's indeed what the lackadaisical teacher claims...that he should have been entitled to progressive discipline prior to being terminated. His superior after all demonstrated so little oversight not touching bases on the most basic thing...that his employee is showing up for work. Could his boss had been always late them self therefore wouldn't had been aware? NOPE. Wouldn't work! He surely would have met him in the parking lot each day long after the bell had rung.

Oh well...let's deal with solutions. I'd propose due to the fact...or suggestion that the students would suffer an incalculable loss if he were canned that it'd be only fair they should take it upon themselves to do every thing possible to retain his service as mentor.  How about one team of students be responsible to give him an early morning call on the phone each day... just to keep things on track!
He might even provide a key to his residency so his students can actually go and drag him out of bed on those more difficult mornings. It sure isn't easy staying up all night grading papers so yes what's required is a little help from his friends. One thing for certain...he's been one of the pillars of the school according to him  and he'd be sorely missed if fired.  What a great role model that students can pattern after for years to come!


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Friday, July 31, 2015

Mr Spock's Blue Shirt--A Good Buy For £70,000??

So would Star Trek's Mr Spock consider such a purchase logical--or rather that cockamamy humans are allowing their emotional sentiments to get the best of them once again. Apparently the blue velour jersey he wore in the 1967 Season Two, of Star Trek will be heading for the auction block this September in London, for an estimated £70,000! Reading this do you feel akin to have been blasted by a phaser on stun? Take a moment to catch your breath.

Dr McKoy or Bones, chief medical officer on board the Enterprise I'm sure would wonder why the blazes one would dish out such a gargantuan fortune to obtain such a thing but who knows--maybe there's a spot or two of Vulcan blood, green in color that Spock excuded upon that garment in one of his many scuffles and adventures. To have red blood is one have it green is out of this World and maybe well worth the investment.
I suspect Spock however might "feel" so inclined to give the prospective buyer a mind meld to see just what's ticking in their noggin. Just to have bragging rights to claim jersey as theirs? Not sure that'd meet Spock's approval!

I'm guessing he'd conclude it as another wacky example of irrational human thinking so predominate in the 21st Century--a time when much of the populace could barely allow themselves even a moment away from their hand held devices and their gadgets and gizmos! Yes I'm thinking his eyebrow would be raised signalling inconceivable bewilderment!  Kirk on the other hand I'm sure would see an opportunity..."Scotty beam down a box of them blue shirts! We can exchange them for dilithium crystals! At least then we can BOLDLY GO where we've been a few times before!"

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Monday, July 27, 2015

So You See Manikens Sitting In Cars??

Well here's a guy that was charged for driving down one of Toronto's highways that  you must have multiple passengers in the vehicle to be on. He put a couple of manikins in the seats and believed the cops wouldn't know the difference. You could say the police saw three dummies in the car instead of two. Perhaps the police should ask as well if any local businesses have discovered any of their dummies missing--I mean who really has a few manikins on hand? Maybe they can inform them we found yours driving down the road with this other dummy but we'll have to take him to jail.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stop Teaching Math and Grammar In Schools!

Schools need to stop teaching things like basic math and grammar and educate students with more relevant information such as the Facebook  program and all acronyms used in communication like LOL, or ROTFL! Let's hope they get with the program and bring in the implementation of such ASAP! Some basic training on how to walk and send text messages on phones without bumping into people would be beneficial as well. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people at lakes walk off piers and fall headlong into the water  destroying their Iphones in the process! The insanity has got to stop! In future years our time may not be referred to as a dark age but it most certainly will be viewed as a crazy one.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Key To Not Being Abducted By Aliens!

News is reporting Russian entrepreneur, Yuri Milner is planning to invest $100 million into a project called, "Breakthrough Listen" that will seek by listening to the skies for extraterrestrial messages, similar to Seti. It's under consideration as well as to not only listen but also to send a message and they're gathering suggestions on just what such a message would be, and here's the thing...the best messages will share a reward of $1 million dollars!
 Perhaps all should put together a potential message and submit it. Who knows...maybe your chance of having your message picked would be better than the odds of winning a lottery and consider the exhilaration you'd feel to know it was your words which were the first connecting  to outsiders. Make sure you don't offend them though! You might end up on XFiles as one  abducted by aliens!

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Call UFOs Donuts...More Will Take An Interest!

"It's a bird! It's a plane!"

No. It's a SIAD which is an acronym for a supersonic inflatable aerodynamic decelerator. NASA speculates a day may come when a device like the above may be the most efficient way to transport or land robotic equipment on planets like Mars. As it enters the atmosphere the donut inflates causing drag thus a slow down in speed. Some say the SIAD looks like a flying saucer or donut.

Just think...for the reason that many compare UFO's to saucers and saucers look like donuts , does it not make sense that the best way to garner an interest in your UFO reports is to refer to them preferably using the last description...donuts in the air? How much more seriously for example will emergency personal such as the police take your UFO reports if you define them as flying donuts zooming around upwards. It goes without saying that they'll rush to your location with no delay to enquire of the type and kind.

"You saw a DONUT/UFO in the sky? What kind? A glazed? A chocolate long? Or just a plain? Which way did it go!" You know they'll want to investigate immediately. :))

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Green Party's Roof Turns Black

Interesting Headline

Bonfire of Insanities: Solar Panels Start Fire as Green Party-Run Hove Town Hall

Some are calling it rather ironic. An incident at the  Brighton & Hove Town Hall, in the UK, caused many to raise their eyebrows and give a little snicker. It's the Green Party headquarters and apparently they had a roof fire in which solar panels are considered to be the culprit. Fortunately no one was hurt except maybe the political aspirations of the Green Party itself. Many are wondering how this will affect them in the next election...always being the ones putting forth environmental strategies of using Mother Nature's free and safe energy of the sun and wind....and yet their building catches fire and could have burned to the ground.

The fire department has been clear to state that solar panels are no more dangerous than any other appliance which have any type of electrical components but will the truth of that fall on deaf ears and the perception however false stay upon them....that environmentalists are extremists who lack insight into what they're doing? Maybe they'll burn down a whole community if they're brought into power due to their stupidity?

 I find this story of particular interest for a fellow colleague of mine suggested some time ago a way of making some extra income would be to build and sell Pop Can Solar Panels one can readily see in various youtube videos. I was impressed but backed away concerned about the liability issues...what if we constructed them and something went faulty, and now I read this. Yes environmentalists push solar panels. Fine! I guess it'd be good to make sure however that they don't turn your green roof to one  black with fire.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mercy or not For The Drunk

There's a very interesting legal case taking police in Windsor, Ontario where a man driving decided he was too drunk to be operating a vehicle on the road. Pulling over he called 911 and asked the police to come and get him. Lo and behold they discovered it was as the man said he was indeed intoxicated beyond measure with a bottle of liquor laying on the seat beside him.

He was charged and the media are watching closely what the judge will have to say. Should he be shown a measure of leniency? Should he be commended for his latter actions in calling the police about his state thus being charged? Local officials state it's the first time they've had such a call being unusual to say the least. What should be done with the not so law abiding citizen?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Tips On Not Being Scammed by a Contractor

"Hey bud! I drove all the way to your place! The least you can do is buy into one of my deals! I've got to make some money you know!"

Such were the words heard by a friend of mine who was told this  from a home contractor after he gave him a quote for renovations.  He was aware the quote he'd be given would be several thousand dollars but it was about twice as much as he'd considered. He countered by making it clear he wasn't interested and, "No thank you" to which the other began to dish out every thought and expression that this "free estimate" would be anything but. He got him out of the house with no problem quite easy I guess when he had a doberman dog just awaiting instructions.

He left however with stating the last two things..."You won't get this deal tomorrow so you better jump at it" and secondly "I'll even knock off $200.00." Two hundred bucks?? When the bill would end up being something along the line of 18K?  What's a mere 200!  Mere chump change, in light of the final quote. He may as well been saying something as meaningless as "Twinkle, twinkle little star...How I wonder what you are!"

My friend and I discussed a day later how sad it'd be how others probably have fallen prey to this con man's manipulative practise. One can imagine another household where one spouse says to another, "Well yes dear we did make him get in his car and drive down the street to give us a quote...maybe we do owe him the work." NO!!!! A thousand times NO! I thought to do this blog with the hope of saving any from being scammed. Most certainly I couldn't cover every aspect that perhaps needs to be considered when employing a work group to do you a service. You can gather much information I'm sure by merely typing in on google "things to watch out for in hiring a contractor" and I'd encourage such a study. I'd like however to share a few thoughts.

To start, REMEMBER, a "free estimate" means exactly was it states...FREE! It doesn't mean in any sense of the word that you should consider it means you should feel a sense of obligation to employ their service. Hearing my friends story it solidified to me the policy I usually use when talking to contractors, sales people and the to get multiple quotes at least from 2-3 others providing the same or similar service.

Of course it's not required for one to do this but if you're wanting to be in the total drivers seat when it comes to communicating with such agents it might be good to phone them first...make them aware you're going for a few quotes and have them acknowledge they're alright with this. I'm sure they'll state, "That's fine" but even when their agent comes to the door before they start measuring anything clarify it one last time...that you're getting multiple quotes and you've already made this clear before they came.

Such should put to rest some guilt trip they seek to lay upon you and all you have to state after they give you their estimate is that  you now have their quote and you'll consider it when comparing it to others.  If they claim you won't get it cheaper make it clear they may be right....but... we'll see, and don't be moved by the con their deal is just for today...What can you call that? SCAM! If they consider it so important to seek to circumvent your attempt to educate yourself to get the best deal, shouldn't you ask if they have your best interest at heart? Most certainly they wouldn't. Another good thought is to ask for references of their past work . They should be able to provide them as any ethical business would but also keep in mind about that....their references might be family members of the CON so you have to consider if you're getting a creditable report.

I'd say the best way is to always have your ears attune to what your friends say about work they'd had done from whatever business. When it's YOUR friends that tell you positive things wouldn't it heighten the level of confidence you'd have? I'm sure it would.  No it's not always easy to work through this vetting process doing checks on a business speaking of which you can call the Better Business Bureau as well to see if the have a questionable reputation. I must say this one last thing as well not to contradict what I've said before but in regard to quotes...keep in mind the lowest quote doesn't always guarantee you'll be pleased with their work.

It must be acknowledged there are some rookie cut throats in the business coming in with the lowest quote but they may not have the professional talents and skills of another....the lowest quote may sadly do shoddy work and seek to raise the price later. That may be the CON  coming at you from a different direction so take your time. Do your homework! Seek  the counsel of close friends  who have had  work similar  done and hopefully you'll have the pleasure of having been treated right, just and fair in a business climate that can be like the wild west. Wishing you all the best!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Lights Flashing Siren Going Marriage Proposal!

How sweet! I just read a cop in Texas with a group of other officers pulled over his girl friend as she drove her vehicle. They made on she had a broken tail light plus a great many outstanding warrants for her arrest. As she began to sink down in a deep sense of melancholy her boyfriend the first cop approached the car with a wedding ring and proposed marriage! What a relief! Instead of the fear of being thrown in the slammer she could accept his proposal to live a life time together!

Perhaps next time you see the police pull someone over your thought, "Looks like the cop got that one" might take on a whole new meaning. I'll probably say henceforth, "He probably just wants to propose marriage!" It makes me wonder if people might be able to hire a cop to do this for a few bucks on the side...LIGHTS FLASHING, SIREN GOING...what a grand way to get the other's attention and to make a lasting impression for life!

One wonders what would have happened to the other if they said NO. No???? Lock he or she up and throw away the key? Perhaps she could add that she knows her constitutional rights and she has the right to remain silent? Perhaps a new fun fad would be if a cop pulls you over you jump in before they says a word and quickly inform them that you're sorry but you're already happily married? Perhaps they might laugh, and you'll create good will and they might show you mercy on your ticket---or maybe they'll instead throw your sorry self in jail tired of the worn out joke! After all...marriage to them may not be a laughing matter. LOL :)

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