Friday, August 28, 2015

Teacher Late 111 Times And Keeps Their Job!!


How about this for a laugh....a teacher in New Jersey will keep his job despite being late 111 times! Not a bad achievement seeing in other professions one might be fired after only one such incident. I suppose though educators should be granted a special allowance, that is with all their book learning and all, I mean give the guy a break!
This faculty member made the claim that the quality of his teaching was more important than inconsequential things like setting a good example for students to exemplify. I suppose this should be brought into consideration, after all...the last thing his superiors should want is to be is short sighted in seeing the bigger picture. It might have served them right if they lost the great talent that every once in awhile he was bringing to the table! Who knows? Perhaps his students would have dropped out of school at the dismay of not being educated by the best...the best that is according to him. Or maybe his boss is guilty of the greater wrong?

That's indeed what the lackadaisical teacher claims...that he should have been entitled to progressive discipline prior to being terminated. His superior after all demonstrated so little oversight not touching bases on the most basic thing...that his employee is showing up for work. Could his boss had been always late them self therefore wouldn't had been aware? NOPE. Wouldn't work! He surely would have met him in the parking lot each day long after the bell had rung.

Oh well...let's deal with solutions. I'd propose due to the fact...or suggestion that the students would suffer an incalculable loss if he were canned that it'd be only fair they should take it upon themselves to do every thing possible to retain his service as mentor.  How about one team of students be responsible to give him an early morning call on the phone each day... just to keep things on track!
He might even provide a key to his residency so his students can actually go and drag him out of bed on those more difficult mornings. It sure isn't easy staying up all night grading papers so yes what's required is a little help from his friends. One thing for certain...he's been one of the pillars of the school according to him  and he'd be sorely missed if fired.  What a great role model that students can pattern after for years to come!


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