Sunday, October 26, 2014

November Time Travel

Nov 1, 1800 John Adams becomes the first US president to live in White House

Nov 2nd, 1783- General George Washington, later 1st American President, bids farewell to his army after the American Revolutionary War

Nov 3rd,  1900 1st US automobile show opens at Madison Square Garden (NYC)

Nov 4th, 1841- 1st wagon train arrives in California

Nov 5th, 1895- 1st US patent granted for auto (George B Selden) for gasoline driven car

Nov 6th, 1572- Supernova is observed in constellation known as Cassiopeia

Nov 7th, 1872- Cargo ship Mary Celeste sails from NY to Genoa; mysteriously found abandoned 4 weeks later

Nov 8th, 1966 - Movie actor Ronald Reagan elected Governor of California

Nov 9th, 1904 1st airplane flight to last more than 5 minutes

Nov 10th, 1951 - 1st long distance telephone call without operator assistance

Nov 11th 1911 - Many cities in the U.S. Midwest broke their record highs and lows on the same day as a strong cold front rolls through.

Nov 12th, 1910 - 1st Movie stunt: man jumps into Hudson river from a burning balloon

Nov 13th, 1789- Ben Franklin writes "Nothing . . . certain but death & taxes"

Nov 14th, 1851- "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville published

Nov 15th, 1920 - League of Nations holds first meeting in Geneva

Nov 16th, 1901- 3 autos race on Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, fastest speed achieved by Henry Fournier who drives a mile in 51 4/5 seconds

Nov 17th, 1966 - Leonids meteor shower peaks (150,000+ per hour)

Nov 18th, 1820- Antarctica sighted by US Navy Capt Nathaniel B Palmer

Nov 19th, 1620 - Mayflower reaches Cape Cod & explores the coast

Nov 20th, 1920 - Nobel Peace Prize awarded to US president W Wilson

Nov 21th, 1871 - The first human cannonball, Emilio Onra, is shot

Nov 22th, 1842 - Mount St Helens in Washington erupts! Yes that was in 1842.

Nov 23rd,   1897 - Pencil sharpener patented by J L Love

Nov 23rd, 1852- Just past midnight, a sharp jolt causes Lake Merced to drop 30'. Mysterious things always happen at midnight!

Nov 24th, 1434- River Thames freezes

Nov 24th, 1938 - National Semi-Pro Basketball Congress authorizes yellow basketball. Seems like it'd be easier to see to me.

Nov 25th, 1817 - 1st sword swallower in US performs. Don't try this at home!

Nov 25th, 1792 - Farmer's Almanac 1st published. I guess before then it was through word of mouth. :)

Nov 26th, 1885 - 1st meteor photograph

Nov 26th, 1865- "Alice in Wonderland" is pubished in the USA. Wonder if people became  more careful not to fall into holes. :)

Nov 27th, 1870 - NY Times dubs baseball "The National Game"

Nov 27th, 1910 - The first US patent for inventing the traffic lights system is issued. Wonder if people called them STOP lights or GO lights! :)

Nov 28th, 1895- America's 1st auto race starts; 6 cars, 55 miles, winner avg 7 MPH.'s a start!

Nov 28th

Nov 29th, 1910- The first US patent for inventing the traffic lights system is issued. What will they think of next?

Nov 30th, 2004 - Longtime Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings finally loses, leaving him with $2,520,700!  He should have replaced Alex Trebek!

Monday, October 13, 2014

October Time Travel !

Oct 1, 1903 - 1st baseball World Series, Pittsburgh Pirates vs Boston Pilgrims (Red Sox)

Oct 2, 1895 - 1st cartoon comic strip is printed in a newspaper

Oct 3, 1978  - Gold hits record $223.50 an ounce in London

Oct 4, 1922- For 1st time, entire World Series broadcast over radio (WJZ & WGY)

Oct 5, 1954- Hurricane Hazel hits Eastern US

Oct 6, 1889 - Thomas Edison shows his 1st motion picture

Oct 7, 1931- 1st infra-red photograph, Rochester, NY

Oct 8th, 1964 1964 - Ringo Starr  passes his driving test. You're curious if he had to drive down Abbey Rd??

Oct 9th, 1965 - Beatles' "Yesterday" single goes #1 & stays #1 for 4 weeks

Oct 10th, 1780- Great Hurricane of 1780 kills 20,000 to 30,000 in Caribbean

Oct 11th, 1984 - 1st space walk by US woman (Dr Kathryn D Sullivan)

Oct 12th, 1609 - Children's rhyme "Three Blind Mice" published in London

Oct 13th,  1792 - "Old Farmer's Almanac" is 1st published

Oct 14th, 1908 - Smallest crowd at World Series, 6,210 fans see Cubs beat Tigers

Oct 15th, 1860 - 11-year-old Grace Bedell writes to Lincoln, tells him to grow a beard

Oct 16th, 1950- The first edition of  C. S. Lewis "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" is released in London

Oct 17th, 1933- Albert Einstein arrives in US, a refugee from Nazi Germany

Oct 18th, 1867- US takes formal possession of Alaska from Russia ($7.2 million)

Oct 19th, 1872- World's largest gold nugget (215 kg) found in New South Wales

Oct 20th, 1911 - Amundsen sets out on race to South Pole!  Is that on your bucket list too?? :)

Oct 21st, 1854- Florence Nightingale was sent to the Crimean War. Sure was a light in the night!

Oct 22nd. 1861- 1st telegraph line linking West & East coasts completed. Time now for the North & South to begin!

Oct 23rd, 1941- Walt Disney's "Dumbo" released. Nothing dumb in making that movie! :)

Oct 24th, 1901 - 1st woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel (Anna Taylor)

Oct 25th, 1924- "Little Orphan Annie" comic strip 1st published

Oct 26th, 1492 - Lead pencils 1st used

Oct 27th, 1916- 1st published reference to "jazz" appears (Variety)

Oct 28th,1954 - Nobel prize for literature awarded to Ernest Hemingway

Oct 29th, 1966- Lunar Orbiter 1 crashes on moon: 6.7°N 162°E

Oct 30th, 1873 - P T Barnum's circus, "Greatest Show on Earth," debuts (NYC)

Oct 31st, 1963 - Ed Sullivan witnesses Beatles & their fans at London Airport