Thursday, March 31, 2011

I DID IT! I was offered lead role in Cast Away/Wilson sequal!! (AFN News)

I DID IT!!! I've been offered the lead role in a  Cast Away/Wilson sequel!!! Really? No, just a silly April Fools joke. It's not that I wouldn't love to do the part.You can see in some of my blogs,   where I've visited  Chuck Noland's island,  finding Wilson who was swept ashore. Yes I thought he met his demise  with Chuck on the ocean blue  but you do realize that nobody found his body? I can assure you that Wilson has a pretty thick skin! Hard to make a good air filled soccer ball go down!  I did say April Fools, did I not? AFN news?

Growing up I seemed to recall there was always a rule connected to April Fools--that nobody was allowed to tell a joke after 12 o'clock noon. It allowed a certain brief period of time where one could lead on their peers in a crazy insane fashion but not for such a time  to become obnoxious. I wasn't particularly fond of the event probably because the jokes or the leading of me on, seemed rather close to what one reasonably could be expected, potentially to be true.  Having one state, "Coca Cola is going to change the flavour of it's pop" I would know of course such a claim would be ludacris! Who in their right mind would ever dream of trying to fix the unbroken  and tampering with a given success?

 Nobody for sure, so with things like that I could easily dismiss as outside the realm of possibility. It gets a little more difficult however when an older brother of mine, sliced a potato, putting it in  the frying pan but added with them some Humpty Dumpty potato chips he threw on top. Calling me into the kitchen he exclaims, "See what happens when you fry these potatoes just right? Wholla! Chips!!" As to whether I believed his claim I'll leave that a mystery. Here's  a few  April Fools jokes, that have been told. Perhaps it could be said  some of them are funny and some might even be considered in poor taste. [enough of the poor tasting Cherry Cola already!] 

1) A Dutch television station reported in the 1950's that the Tower of Pisa had fallen over! A great many people phoned in to verify.

2)  DJ Dave Richards [no relation to yours truly] told listeners of KGB=FM in San Diego and the Space Shuttle Discovery had been diverted from Edwards Air Force Base and would be landing at Montgomery Fielda at a much smaller municipal airport. Thousands of people went to see it land causing traffic jams! Funny thing though there wasn't even a Shuttle in orbit at the time. 

3)  National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation program broadcast in 1992 that  Richard Nixon, was considering another run at the White House.  His campaign slogan was, "I didn't do anything wrong, and I won't do it again." Listeners were irate and were extremely perturbed that he'd consider doing such a thing. 

4) Perhaps one of the most amusing jokes of all was British astronomer Patrick Moore announcing on BBC that a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event was going to occur that would effect people on the earth. There'd be a planetary alignment causing the gravitational forces of earth to be disrupted. If people would jump in the air at the exact moment the alignment was occurring they'd experience a strange floating sensation. When the said moment occurred hundreds of people phoned in acknowledging they had the sensation of weightlessness.

Here's one last item. Let's see if you'd know the truth. You recall how Susan Boyle made a great audience feel quite foolish by having them assume she had no talent in singing when she auditioned on a Glasgow stage? She was born on April Fools day. Am I writing the truth or leading you on? It's the truth this time folks.Susan Boyle was born on April 1, 1961. I'd say many were left however feeling rather FOOLISH in assuming that she had no talent so April Foolishness you might say!  By the way you might want to say hello to Lirpa Loof >>April Fool on I won't tell you who she is!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

William Shatner Turns 80 -- Happy Birthday Bill

I saw in the news today it's William Shatner's 80th birthday and thought I'd like to put down a few thoughts. I for one really consider that he was one of the most under rated actors of our day. I recall back in the 60's when Star Trek came on the scene.  It was the time of the American Apollo missions to the moon and Star Trek showed a possible scenario of how the future might unfold. "To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before!" was a line we heard each week, but in real life I'd say that's pretty much what William Shatner did, or shall I say he's done what not too many actors have tried before.

I'd define what that would be as not being afraid to take yourself too seriously, going on out there to take a risk and doing some things just for the kick of it in having fun. One could do a study of Wik to see all the work he's done, a Shakespearean actor, numerous television appearances, a lead in two series, Star Trek, plus seven Star Trek motion pictures, T. J. Hooker, and a great many other appearances too many to count. Shatner had a great reputation for being a working actor who'd show up on time, knew his lines worked cheap and always answered the phone, according to Wik.  Once receiving the big time roles however the working cheap days were over, and good for him as he worked hard to get there!

To some he's considered as a jokester delighting it seems on purpose to put out some pretty awful class B material like his music video 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'  but a number of corny things had become a part of his trademark. Bill was going to be Bill and he was going to have his fun, horse around and if people didn't like it....well come back another day maybe there'll be something that suits you then.

So now we see that William Shatner has turned 80 years old.  Hearing this it makes me wonder if some of the makeup people from the 60's Star Trek show, had it right when in one episode they portrayed him as a much elderly Kirk on board the Enterprise. Regardless of outside appearances however I suspect William Shatner will never disappoint us in demonstrating that he indeed has the spark of life and will boldly keep going looking for new and fun ways to make civilization smile. I believe that to him that is the prime directive. All power to you Bill, and Happy Birthday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan Earthquake And The Super Moon, Part 2

Continuation of Japan, Earthquake And The Super Moon  Part 2

Gee we're in for trouble! Earthquakes  would be shaking things up volcanoes would be blowing their tops and all sorts of other scary scenarios as well. I was thinking in 1980 when I heard this theory, "Wow looks like I've got around 24 months to share it with the uninformed!" and so we talked about it around the campfire or on those special occasions my friends and I enjoyed discussing fun out of this world things, "Well only 24 months until 1982, 12 months, 6 and then 3, now fasten your seat beats for here we are!"  What happened?  Nothing. Nothing really at all. 

 In fact 1982 was relatively a quite year with very few if any major catastrophes anywhere.  There never really was as well  in 1128 AD when the same type of planetary alignment occurred but that's beside the point. When the Jupiter Effect people were questioned as to why no shakeup they suggested the Mt St. Helens disaster which happened two years prior in 1980, might have been connected to the alignments beginning. Funny thing though that when the alignment is full bloom....NO PROBLEMS.

Here's an interesting thought but please don't share it with the [JEP] Jupiter Effect People. They made the claim that on March 10, 1982 a great earthquake would take place along the San Andreas fault.  It never did. Notice the date however : March 10/82. On March 11 of this year we saw this horrible Japan catastrophe. One would hope they wouldn't claim they were right on the date but had the wrong year being around 30 years off!

I wouldn't think so seeing the planets had went on their own separate directions years ago. John Gribbin to his credit in 1999 acknowledged that he was sorry he had anything to do with it.  Would it be too much to ask for the Super moon people to do likewise  as well? Yes enjoy the great big moon on March 19th but how about we don't seek to connect a bunch of nonsense to it. Is that really and truly helping the good people of Japan? I'd sincerely believe not.

Japan Earthquake And The Super Moon? [Part 1]

 I knew it was coming! I knew that in a few short days after the Japan earthquake occurred there'd be some who'd claim they had the inside scoop as to why it took place.  Yes, and lo and behold here it is----must have been the super moon that will take place on March 19, 2011! Super moon?  Yes, and as much as 'Supermoon,' sounds like it must come from Superman's world here's the thought on that--once every eighteen years you have a full moon where it's at its closest to the earth at 221.657 miles.

Even though however the March 19th Super Moon wasn't to occur for another nine days after the Japan quake it's been suggested the earth must be experiencing certain preliminary events caused of course by all that gravitational force stuff---or something like that.  Yeah sure, when you get all that gravitational  pull thing all going haywire what can you  expect but to see storms, earthquakes and volcanoes ? 

Kind of like lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!  If you sense that I'm a little ticked by such claims being dished out to gain an increase of hits on news sites  I can assure you you're quite right. Just food for thought is it not somehow inappropriate or amiss for major networks to be running with such non-substantial   dribble instead of staying on course  with  responsible investigative journalism?

This is an extremely sensitive time with who knows how many thousands of people have died and the news outlets would be having us entertain the bizarre unsubstantiated claims of pseudoscience? Yes I guess we've all got to watch out for all that gravitational stuff! History proves that you know!  I recall the ole gravity scare back in 1980 with a book that garnered much attention entitled, "The Jupiter Effect." One John Gribbin  Ph. D  and  Stephen Plagemann  predicted that in the year of 1982 all them there planets in space are going to align and when they do my friend, LOOK OUT! 

Part 2 of Japan Earthquake Super Moon? Coming soon!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Honest Mistake : Library Card To Borrow Gas! (Part 2)

I turned it around to look at it and discovered much to my  my chagrin I had mistakenly sought to pay my bill using my LIBRARY CARD!!!  One of the attendants says, "You know that's pretty neat if we'd be able to do that!" I say "Yeah here's your full tank of gas and as long as you return it in three weeks time NO CHARGE." I also add, "And just  like a library book if you want to keep it another week you can ask for an extension!" This leads one to even deeper thinking,  being, if we could convince oil companies that the gas we get today they'll receive it back within this few short weeks then planning ahead they'd now begin to prepare for a glut in the market.

Obviously this would drive the price down so why not just grant us that one tank of gas/petro  FREE?  I wonder therefore if we need a 'Borrow Your Gas With Your Library Card Day.' Wouldn't it be good PR for the oil companies as well, as they could now boast that while much of the population  were at the library getting their cards they just happened to pick up books which in turn  happened to aid them in bettering themselves in doing something more constructive with their lives?

 On becoming more highly educated most perhaps would have the basis now to increase their income which in turn would make it possible for even more to pay the high gas prices the oil companies insist  on receiving.  A WIN WIN scenario for all involved I'd say! Getting back to my gas attendants, I pulled out my right card and paid my bill,  but it sure would be nice to have a 'Borrow Your Gas With Your Library Card' REALITY. 

 Let's just call it food for thought or something to fuel the gas companies thinking.  Yes I know many of you might be thinking the only time gas companies would ever allow this would be when totally electric cars are the only thing on the road! No need for gas then anyway! At that time they may give us a free tank of air!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Honest Mistake: Library Card To Borrow Gas!

I found the answer! The question? How to deal with the high price of paying for fuel at the pumps. The other day I was putting gas in my car.  While so doing  I was wondering within myself concerning the cost.  A number of days prior I had paid considerably to fill up a second car and was shocked at my bill,  and no I don't drive big gas guzzlers either. 

This day, giving the car a fill, [and no the car in the picture is not mine] the gas was 120 a litre and even with the little bit of gas remaining in the tank I still faced a bill of 52 dollars!  As I walked towards the station  to have them relieve me from this good chunk of change I'm thinking, 'Oh no! I worked hard for this money, and I'm surely not finding it quite so easy to part with some of my Almighty Dollars which aren't quite so mighty any more.  I resigned myself to the reality however that it doesn't matter what one wants  you do whatever you have to do and that's all there is to it!

I concluded as well that it's not doing anyone a favor to be acting  like a gloomy gus therefore, there 'd be no crying the blues from me!  I put a smile on my face and a spring in my step  and made my best attempt at being happy and joyful. I say to the gas attendant, "Pump 7". He smiles and directs me to swipe my card through the proper slot and....NOTHING HAPPENS.

I tried it again...still nothing. As I wondered what possibly was the problem I looked up only to find that he and another gas attendant were laughing,  one having a real belly laugh at my expense! "I don't think that particular card is going to work sir." I hear one  say. I turned it around to look at it and discovered much to my  my chagrin I had mistakenly sought to pay my bill using my LIBRARY CARD!!! 

To read Part 2, of "Using Library Card To Borrow Gas" please click on link--->