Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan Earthquake And The Super Moon? [Part 1]

 I knew it was coming! I knew that in a few short days after the Japan earthquake occurred there'd be some who'd claim they had the inside scoop as to why it took place.  Yes, and lo and behold here it is----must have been the super moon that will take place on March 19, 2011! Super moon?  Yes, and as much as 'Supermoon,' sounds like it must come from Superman's world here's the thought on that--once every eighteen years you have a full moon where it's at its closest to the earth at 221.657 miles.

Even though however the March 19th Super Moon wasn't to occur for another nine days after the Japan quake it's been suggested the earth must be experiencing certain preliminary events caused of course by all that gravitational force stuff---or something like that.  Yeah sure, when you get all that gravitational  pull thing all going haywire what can you  expect but to see storms, earthquakes and volcanoes ? 

Kind of like lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!  If you sense that I'm a little ticked by such claims being dished out to gain an increase of hits on news sites  I can assure you you're quite right. Just food for thought is it not somehow inappropriate or amiss for major networks to be running with such non-substantial   dribble instead of staying on course  with  responsible investigative journalism?

This is an extremely sensitive time with who knows how many thousands of people have died and the news outlets would be having us entertain the bizarre unsubstantiated claims of pseudoscience? Yes I guess we've all got to watch out for all that gravitational stuff! History proves that you know!  I recall the ole gravity scare back in 1980 with a book that garnered much attention entitled, "The Jupiter Effect." One John Gribbin  Ph. D  and  Stephen Plagemann  predicted that in the year of 1982 all them there planets in space are going to align and when they do my friend, LOOK OUT! 

Part 2 of Japan Earthquake Super Moon? Coming soon!

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