Tuesday, March 22, 2011

William Shatner Turns 80 -- Happy Birthday Bill

I saw in the news today it's William Shatner's 80th birthday and thought I'd like to put down a few thoughts. I for one really consider that he was one of the most under rated actors of our day. I recall back in the 60's when Star Trek came on the scene.  It was the time of the American Apollo missions to the moon and Star Trek showed a possible scenario of how the future might unfold. "To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before!" was a line we heard each week, but in real life I'd say that's pretty much what William Shatner did, or shall I say he's done what not too many actors have tried before.

I'd define what that would be as not being afraid to take yourself too seriously, going on out there to take a risk and doing some things just for the kick of it in having fun. One could do a study of Wik to see all the work he's done, a Shakespearean actor, numerous television appearances, a lead in two series, Star Trek, plus seven Star Trek motion pictures, T. J. Hooker, and a great many other appearances too many to count. Shatner had a great reputation for being a working actor who'd show up on time, knew his lines worked cheap and always answered the phone, according to Wik. http://bit.ly/aqYpiQ  Once receiving the big time roles however the working cheap days were over, and good for him as he worked hard to get there!

To some he's considered as a jokester delighting it seems on purpose to put out some pretty awful class B material like his music video 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' http://bit.ly/sxOWU  but a number of corny things had become a part of his trademark. Bill was going to be Bill and he was going to have his fun, horse around and if people didn't like it....well come back another day maybe there'll be something that suits you then.

So now we see that William Shatner has turned 80 years old.  Hearing this it makes me wonder if some of the makeup people from the 60's Star Trek show, had it right when in one episode they portrayed him as a much elderly Kirk on board the Enterprise. Regardless of outside appearances however I suspect William Shatner will never disappoint us in demonstrating that he indeed has the spark of life and will boldly keep going looking for new and fun ways to make civilization smile. I believe that to him that is the prime directive. All power to you Bill, and Happy Birthday!

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