Monday, March 14, 2011

Honest Mistake : Library Card To Borrow Gas! (Part 2)

I turned it around to look at it and discovered much to my  my chagrin I had mistakenly sought to pay my bill using my LIBRARY CARD!!!  One of the attendants says, "You know that's pretty neat if we'd be able to do that!" I say "Yeah here's your full tank of gas and as long as you return it in three weeks time NO CHARGE." I also add, "And just  like a library book if you want to keep it another week you can ask for an extension!" This leads one to even deeper thinking,  being, if we could convince oil companies that the gas we get today they'll receive it back within this few short weeks then planning ahead they'd now begin to prepare for a glut in the market.

Obviously this would drive the price down so why not just grant us that one tank of gas/petro  FREE?  I wonder therefore if we need a 'Borrow Your Gas With Your Library Card Day.' Wouldn't it be good PR for the oil companies as well, as they could now boast that while much of the population  were at the library getting their cards they just happened to pick up books which in turn  happened to aid them in bettering themselves in doing something more constructive with their lives?

 On becoming more highly educated most perhaps would have the basis now to increase their income which in turn would make it possible for even more to pay the high gas prices the oil companies insist  on receiving.  A WIN WIN scenario for all involved I'd say! Getting back to my gas attendants, I pulled out my right card and paid my bill,  but it sure would be nice to have a 'Borrow Your Gas With Your Library Card' REALITY. 

 Let's just call it food for thought or something to fuel the gas companies thinking.  Yes I know many of you might be thinking the only time gas companies would ever allow this would be when totally electric cars are the only thing on the road! No need for gas then anyway! At that time they may give us a free tank of air!

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  1. I like keeping it for another week and asking for an extention lol... Your arm, leg, photo is so funny I saw another one that said "It's time to go on a low carbon diet" We might have to take them up on that. Great Blog :))