Thursday, March 31, 2011

I DID IT! I was offered lead role in Cast Away/Wilson sequal!! (AFN News)

I DID IT!!! I've been offered the lead role in a  Cast Away/Wilson sequel!!! Really? No, just a silly April Fools joke. It's not that I wouldn't love to do the part.You can see in some of my blogs,   where I've visited  Chuck Noland's island,  finding Wilson who was swept ashore. Yes I thought he met his demise  with Chuck on the ocean blue  but you do realize that nobody found his body? I can assure you that Wilson has a pretty thick skin! Hard to make a good air filled soccer ball go down!  I did say April Fools, did I not? AFN news?

Growing up I seemed to recall there was always a rule connected to April Fools--that nobody was allowed to tell a joke after 12 o'clock noon. It allowed a certain brief period of time where one could lead on their peers in a crazy insane fashion but not for such a time  to become obnoxious. I wasn't particularly fond of the event probably because the jokes or the leading of me on, seemed rather close to what one reasonably could be expected, potentially to be true.  Having one state, "Coca Cola is going to change the flavour of it's pop" I would know of course such a claim would be ludacris! Who in their right mind would ever dream of trying to fix the unbroken  and tampering with a given success?

 Nobody for sure, so with things like that I could easily dismiss as outside the realm of possibility. It gets a little more difficult however when an older brother of mine, sliced a potato, putting it in  the frying pan but added with them some Humpty Dumpty potato chips he threw on top. Calling me into the kitchen he exclaims, "See what happens when you fry these potatoes just right? Wholla! Chips!!" As to whether I believed his claim I'll leave that a mystery. Here's  a few  April Fools jokes, that have been told. Perhaps it could be said  some of them are funny and some might even be considered in poor taste. [enough of the poor tasting Cherry Cola already!] 

1) A Dutch television station reported in the 1950's that the Tower of Pisa had fallen over! A great many people phoned in to verify.

2)  DJ Dave Richards [no relation to yours truly] told listeners of KGB=FM in San Diego and the Space Shuttle Discovery had been diverted from Edwards Air Force Base and would be landing at Montgomery Fielda at a much smaller municipal airport. Thousands of people went to see it land causing traffic jams! Funny thing though there wasn't even a Shuttle in orbit at the time. 

3)  National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation program broadcast in 1992 that  Richard Nixon, was considering another run at the White House.  His campaign slogan was, "I didn't do anything wrong, and I won't do it again." Listeners were irate and were extremely perturbed that he'd consider doing such a thing. 

4) Perhaps one of the most amusing jokes of all was British astronomer Patrick Moore announcing on BBC that a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event was going to occur that would effect people on the earth. There'd be a planetary alignment causing the gravitational forces of earth to be disrupted. If people would jump in the air at the exact moment the alignment was occurring they'd experience a strange floating sensation. When the said moment occurred hundreds of people phoned in acknowledging they had the sensation of weightlessness.

Here's one last item. Let's see if you'd know the truth. You recall how Susan Boyle made a great audience feel quite foolish by having them assume she had no talent in singing when she auditioned on a Glasgow stage? She was born on April Fools day. Am I writing the truth or leading you on? It's the truth this time folks.Susan Boyle was born on April 1, 1961. I'd say many were left however feeling rather FOOLISH in assuming that she had no talent so April Foolishness you might say!  By the way you might want to say hello to Lirpa Loof >>April Fool on I won't tell you who she is!

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