Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan Earthquake And The Super Moon, Part 2

Continuation of Japan, Earthquake And The Super Moon  Part 2

Gee we're in for trouble! Earthquakes  would be shaking things up volcanoes would be blowing their tops and all sorts of other scary scenarios as well. I was thinking in 1980 when I heard this theory, "Wow looks like I've got around 24 months to share it with the uninformed!" and so we talked about it around the campfire or on those special occasions my friends and I enjoyed discussing fun out of this world things, "Well only 24 months until 1982, 12 months, 6 and then 3, now fasten your seat beats for here we are!"  What happened?  Nothing. Nothing really at all. 

 In fact 1982 was relatively a quite year with very few if any major catastrophes anywhere.  There never really was as well  in 1128 AD when the same type of planetary alignment occurred but that's beside the point. When the Jupiter Effect people were questioned as to why no shakeup they suggested the Mt St. Helens disaster which happened two years prior in 1980, might have been connected to the alignments beginning. Funny thing though that when the alignment is full bloom....NO PROBLEMS.

Here's an interesting thought but please don't share it with the [JEP] Jupiter Effect People. They made the claim that on March 10, 1982 a great earthquake would take place along the San Andreas fault.  It never did. Notice the date however : March 10/82. On March 11 of this year we saw this horrible Japan catastrophe. One would hope they wouldn't claim they were right on the date but had the wrong year being around 30 years off!

I wouldn't think so seeing the planets had went on their own separate directions years ago. John Gribbin to his credit in 1999 acknowledged that he was sorry he had anything to do with it.  Would it be too much to ask for the Super moon people to do likewise  as well? Yes enjoy the great big moon on March 19th but how about we don't seek to connect a bunch of nonsense to it. Is that really and truly helping the good people of Japan? I'd sincerely believe not.

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