Sunday, March 13, 2011

Honest Mistake: Library Card To Borrow Gas!

I found the answer! The question? How to deal with the high price of paying for fuel at the pumps. The other day I was putting gas in my car.  While so doing  I was wondering within myself concerning the cost.  A number of days prior I had paid considerably to fill up a second car and was shocked at my bill,  and no I don't drive big gas guzzlers either. 

This day, giving the car a fill, [and no the car in the picture is not mine] the gas was 120 a litre and even with the little bit of gas remaining in the tank I still faced a bill of 52 dollars!  As I walked towards the station  to have them relieve me from this good chunk of change I'm thinking, 'Oh no! I worked hard for this money, and I'm surely not finding it quite so easy to part with some of my Almighty Dollars which aren't quite so mighty any more.  I resigned myself to the reality however that it doesn't matter what one wants  you do whatever you have to do and that's all there is to it!

I concluded as well that it's not doing anyone a favor to be acting  like a gloomy gus therefore, there 'd be no crying the blues from me!  I put a smile on my face and a spring in my step  and made my best attempt at being happy and joyful. I say to the gas attendant, "Pump 7". He smiles and directs me to swipe my card through the proper slot and....NOTHING HAPPENS.

I tried it again...still nothing. As I wondered what possibly was the problem I looked up only to find that he and another gas attendant were laughing,  one having a real belly laugh at my expense! "I don't think that particular card is going to work sir." I hear one  say. I turned it around to look at it and discovered much to my  my chagrin I had mistakenly sought to pay my bill using my LIBRARY CARD!!! 

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  1. Now I like that idea. If we could only do that, borrow gas. But I don't know exactly what we'd bring them back... hmmm air, water. We definitely would'nt have much gas to give them. Maybe we could rev the engine for them and give them some fumes lol :))