Monday, May 9, 2016

Man's Obituary Asks People Not To Vote Hillary!


Strange, Bizarre and Weird (SBW-3)

You've heard of the African-American vote, the Hispanic Vote, the Evangelical about this one....The Pass Away Vote! 

This takes the prize for today's Strange, Bizarre and Weird....a man in his obituary leaves a request for people NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton. A Massachusetts man who recently passed away left an interesting political message in his obituary. He urged people not to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Yahoo News ...

 Man’s Obituary Asks People Not to Vote For Hillary Clinton
  In lieu of flowers, do not vote for Hillary Clinton.
That’s the final wish of one Massachusetts man, who asked friends and family not to pick the Democrat in his obituary. Carl Crocetti, 62, passed away on Sunday after a decline in health over the past year.
“Carl requested in lieu of flowers that people elect NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in November,” his obituary reads.

It's been said that Donald The Trump in the polls is behind Hillary by double digits....if one factors in the PASS AWAY vote who knows it might breath new life into his campaign and put him over the top. Perhaps Hillary should be knocking on tombstones to see if she can garner support. Maybe a  flower at each grave might do the trick?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Republicans Stunned LIke Heston In Planet of The Apes!!

Strange Bizarre and Weird (SBW-2)

Could many Republicans  be looking at the future of their party in the same way Charlton Heston did  in the movie  "The Planet of the Apes" ??? You'll recall the scene where he looked up at that lone figure, the  Statue of Liberty that he saw half buried in the sand bringing him to the shocking realization that this was his world, not some other .....and that somehow it tragically met it's  demise...all he held dear....destroyed!

 Perhaps  Republicans can relate to that apocalyptic. scenario.  With the rise and win of Trump all notions that things would continue  business as usual   have been brought to nought and perceived expectations came crashing down.  This was to be the year when someone like a Chris Christie or a Jeb Bush were to strut their stuff and presumably get the nod.  When it comes to Jeb,  he was after all a Bush and surely the electorate most certainly would consider it best to let the dynasty  continue. His father became President, his brother, so his turn BUT.... no.  He hit the wall.  The Donald Wall! 

The electorate  drew the line and said enough! Out with the with the new! The GOP is not the same and maybe never again will be. It's ruins lay out there much like Lady Liberty fallen over in the Heston film. Donald Trump is not considered as a true Conservative and Republican party members in mass  feel flabbergasted.  The real question they're poised with now is can they rebuild what they considered their once grand party or surrender to their disillusionment and question why even bother?

  The party is being morphed into something different, a beast of a different type and sort and one wonders if the old guard even have the capability of surviving the transformation.  Their day may be done and their names may serve only now as memorials on headstones in the political graveyards speaking of the past. Rest In Peace??  Or will they have  to settle with unrest  of a perpetually kind!

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Strange, Bizarre and Weird Pence Cruz Endorsement

Strange, bizarre and weird....Indiana Governor's endorsement of Ted Cruz for the Republican nominee. Media outlets have been chuckling  everywhere  in the way and manner Governor Pence stated his endorsement. See below,

"I respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field. I particularly want to commend Donald Trump, who I think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working Americans with a lack of progress in Washington, D.C.  I am also particularly grateful that Donald Trump has taken a strong stand for Hoosier jobs when we saw jobs of the Carrier company abruptly announce leaving Indiana. Not for another state, but for Mexico. I’m grateful. I’m grateful for his voice in the national debate.”

(My commentary: Heaping such praise upon Trump I suppose the Trump camp were ecstatic that it looked like they had this endorsement in the bag. He used the term particularly grateful in regard to Trump twice but did not even mention the other candidates.....but then,

“I’ve come to my decision about who I’m supporting, and I’m not against anybody.”

(My commentary: An oxymoron statement? If you've made a statement of support haven't you therefore  withheld the nod from the other two  succeeding?  Doesn't that mean therefore that you're against them, or you're opposed to them getting the win.  Finally he brings the absolute clarification,

But I will be voting for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Republican primary.”

(Commentary: In a interview with Fox news, Governor Mike Hukabee  made the following observation that it appeared that Pence if a betting man was putting down 5 for Cruz, 4 for Trump and 3 for Kasich. He further stated that the Cruz campaign must have been squirming in their seats to hear such a weak  endorsement. One wonders if Cruz probably felt a little more passion in giving me the nod would have been nice Governor! It's been said that Pence if up for re-election and didn't want  to offend anyone...which begs the question why bother giving an endorsement to begin with? Wouldn't it had been perfectly acceptable to stay neutral?  That's gets the prize for the SBW of the day. [STRANGE, BIZARRE WEIRD]