Friday, October 23, 2015

Did Guinevere Cast The Curse??

This particular blog post is merely for those who have been fans of, "Once Upon a Time" and understand the latest happenings of Season 5. Sorry...anybody else won't have a clue what I'm talking about.

 Ok, for the fans, you're well aware that to cast the curse one needs to crush the heart of the one they love most. That was established as law in the canon of the series so that leads us to work through this by I'd say the simple process of elimination. Consider everyone they took on the journey to Camelot and back to Storybrooke  is still alive, Henry, Hook, Robin, Belle, Rumple, the Charmings all are accounted for including Zelena plus all and every co-stars like the dwarfs and Granny, and yet a law is still a law! To cast the curse one needs to crush the heart of their most loved.

So...where's that leave us? I'd say looking to other characters, not of the original Storybook group but to the citizens from Camelot. Do we have someone from that group who are strangely missing? We do indeed! Lancelot. And who loves him the most....Guinevere! Could the truth of the matter be that DEAD?  Did Guinevere become free of that dust spell thing and sacrifice Lancelot to buy more time for the OTHERS to stop or slow down Arthur from whatever agenda he'd planned and to give Emma time to make Gold a hero?

  Perhaps he's the one who defeats Arthur for it needed a hero to do it. thus releasing Gold once and for all forever from him thinking he's a coward? Might that really be his happy ending after all, to have that issue resolved?  And the theme for have all others help Guinevere get Lancelot back from the underworld in order to bring this love couple back together? Might not be true but the question remains....WHY isn't Lancelot anywhere to be found? I think it fits.

Monday, October 19, 2015

14 Hilarious Things Which Could Happen In Storybrooke!

14)  Zelena plans to DESTROY EVERYONE'S HAPPINESS if it's the last thing see does. . She creates hundreds of clones of herself and releases them in Storybrooke.

13)  ANTON the Giant or "Tiny" as he now has been called considers that everyone's lives in Storybooke suck! They need a stress reliever heroes and villains alike. His answer? He opens up a golf course....much like somebody else we know did in "LOST"!

12)  The people of Storybrooke are shocked to discover just who was the first Dark One. Star Wars happened a long time ago in a galaxy far away but it's learned that Darth Vader Once Upon A Time paid Earth a visit as he was just passing through.

 11)  Mr Gold discovers his Pawn Shop was broken into and all his goods stolen. He ends up in the mental institution in Belle's old room, spinning what he thinks is gold but in reality it's only  cotton.

10) Robin becomes the new Sheriff, marries Regina but sells her posh house and gives the money to the poor. Regina begins to wonder if being with Robin was such a good idea!

9) Belle who loves books becomes a famous author who writes a book, "Why I Just Couldn't Leave Someone Who Broke My Heart  A Million Times!"

8) Regina starts a business that does everything with apples, apple juice, apple turnovers etc

7) Emma become a hairdresser with an expertise at doing extensions. She does her mother's hair for free.

6) Astrid the Nun who was a before Nova the fairy finally decides her and Leroy are going to be married. When the blue fairy complains they tell her to get a REAL life and stop living in a fantasy world.

5)  Henry becomes a computer geek and creates a new game program. The whole town gets addicted to it and before they know it they've all lost touch of reality living in this make believe world  he's created! Good thing about it the people of Storybrooke can physically stay in their town not having to jump in body from world to world. True they might look like zombies walking up and down the street playing  his game with hand devices BUT it's not too much different than our REAL world.

4)  Grannie and Red find a way to expand their diner beyond the border of the  town  turning it  into a franchise which goes from coast to coast. Dishes would be named after every character in Storybrooke.

3) Dr Whale  creates a drug which stops the citizens of Storybrooke from getting amnesia every 6 months.

2) The IRS find out the people of Storybrooke haven't  been paying federal taxes but when they go there to investigate Regina ships them off to a different world. All Storybrooke now love their once hated queen!

 1) When Storybrooke becomes known to the outside world some in the country view them as illegal immigrants who failed to enter the country through proper channels. The same want to see everyone of them deported.

More To Come 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Is Emma "The Dark One" Really Vertigo's Madeleine Elster?

So here we are in Season 5 of "Once Upon a Time" where Emma has become the feared "Dark One".  Many have pondered of the make up choice for Jennifer Morrison's appearance and have wondered just why she's got the hair dyed white and pushed up in a bun.   Something to me looked familiar.

It wasn't long before it dawned on me or at least I don't think it's coincidental that Emma Swan the Dark One  bears a striking resemblance of the mysterious Madeleine Elster from the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film "Vertigo"  starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. Novak plays Madeleine, a dark, mysterious character with a story line not so far different than Emma Swan!

 Let's consider not just the story but also the look. Jimmy Stewart plays, "Scottie" a retired police officer who's hired as a private investigator to follow a man's supposedly mentally deranged wife who portrays herself as one who's convinced her destiny is being forced into darkness and destruction by a relative who died about a century prior. Scottie's assignment is merely to collect information and file a report but in short order he finds himself madly in love with Madeline, his clients wife.

With great passion of heart, soul and mind he does everything possible to restore her to a rational state. Not sounding a lot like Hook's drive and  passion on "Once Upon a Time"??  Same look? Same idea? The story line is not absolutely exact but are the similarities of costumes and dress coincidental?  I think not. One can compare the two with pictures.

My advice for  Hook to save Emma...Just be like Scottie in Vertigo. When Madeleine cried out in her desperate state,

"Don't leave me...stay with me!"

 Scottie without hesitation reassured her with,

 "All the time!"

They kissed again quite passionately [see picture up top] as they stood there by the sea and the wind blew causing the waves to dash up against the rocks throwing up a curtain of spray!  I say do the same Killian! We know you can do it! Take her out on the Jolly Rogers tonight and say those lovely things! :)


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