Monday, October 19, 2015

14 Hilarious Things Which Could Happen In Storybrooke!

14)  Zelena plans to DESTROY EVERYONE'S HAPPINESS if it's the last thing see does. . She creates hundreds of clones of herself and releases them in Storybrooke.

13)  ANTON the Giant or "Tiny" as he now has been called considers that everyone's lives in Storybooke suck! They need a stress reliever heroes and villains alike. His answer? He opens up a golf course....much like somebody else we know did in "LOST"!

12)  The people of Storybrooke are shocked to discover just who was the first Dark One. Star Wars happened a long time ago in a galaxy far away but it's learned that Darth Vader Once Upon A Time paid Earth a visit as he was just passing through.

 11)  Mr Gold discovers his Pawn Shop was broken into and all his goods stolen. He ends up in the mental institution in Belle's old room, spinning what he thinks is gold but in reality it's only  cotton.

10) Robin becomes the new Sheriff, marries Regina but sells her posh house and gives the money to the poor. Regina begins to wonder if being with Robin was such a good idea!

9) Belle who loves books becomes a famous author who writes a book, "Why I Just Couldn't Leave Someone Who Broke My Heart  A Million Times!"

8) Regina starts a business that does everything with apples, apple juice, apple turnovers etc

7) Emma become a hairdresser with an expertise at doing extensions. She does her mother's hair for free.

6) Astrid the Nun who was a before Nova the fairy finally decides her and Leroy are going to be married. When the blue fairy complains they tell her to get a REAL life and stop living in a fantasy world.

5)  Henry becomes a computer geek and creates a new game program. The whole town gets addicted to it and before they know it they've all lost touch of reality living in this make believe world  he's created! Good thing about it the people of Storybrooke can physically stay in their town not having to jump in body from world to world. True they might look like zombies walking up and down the street playing  his game with hand devices BUT it's not too much different than our REAL world.

4)  Grannie and Red find a way to expand their diner beyond the border of the  town  turning it  into a franchise which goes from coast to coast. Dishes would be named after every character in Storybrooke.

3) Dr Whale  creates a drug which stops the citizens of Storybrooke from getting amnesia every 6 months.

2) The IRS find out the people of Storybrooke haven't  been paying federal taxes but when they go there to investigate Regina ships them off to a different world. All Storybrooke now love their once hated queen!

 1) When Storybrooke becomes known to the outside world some in the country view them as illegal immigrants who failed to enter the country through proper channels. The same want to see everyone of them deported.

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