Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Katherine & Fredrick : Great Story Line Missed??

 (For "Once Upon a Time" fans)

Was a really great storyline missed at the beginning of the series that might have been good? I'm speaking about Katherine Noland. During the first curse Kathrine we know didn't know who she was and had all the false memories of her and David as being married. We saw Fredrick her true love in a few scenes in Storybrooke in Season 1 appearing in places where she is, although their true memories were eradicated. When EMMA broke that curse you see everyone coming into contact with those they knew reconnecting. David with Snow etc..

Katherine would have sought out Fredrick and would have found him, and yet we saw nothing of that. Some haven't liked the character of Katherine but keep in mind in the Enchanted Forest she did seek to protect and save David's life from both of their fathers. And David risked his life and brought Fredrick back from being the gold stature. At that point they did become not lovers but great friends, Once the Storybrooke curse was broken they then had a shared experience of being used by Regina so David and her went through quite a lot.

After the Storybrooke curse I would have thought Katherine, Fredrick, Snow and David would have got together to compare notes to comfort each other from the shared trauma the four of them had gone through. Maybe they all should have become great friends and I'd say Regina should have really tried to make amends especially to Katherine for subjecting her to the things which she did. Who knows....maybe Katherine and Fredrick would have wanted to babysit David and Snow's child Neal when they went to the UW, When Neal gets older although they're not related he might have referred to Katherine and Fredrick as almost an aunt and uncle.

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