Friday, July 31, 2015

Mr Spock's Blue Shirt--A Good Buy For £70,000??

So would Star Trek's Mr Spock consider such a purchase logical--or rather that cockamamy humans are allowing their emotional sentiments to get the best of them once again. Apparently the blue velour jersey he wore in the 1967 Season Two, of Star Trek will be heading for the auction block this September in London, for an estimated £70,000! Reading this do you feel akin to have been blasted by a phaser on stun? Take a moment to catch your breath.

Dr McKoy or Bones, chief medical officer on board the Enterprise I'm sure would wonder why the blazes one would dish out such a gargantuan fortune to obtain such a thing but who knows--maybe there's a spot or two of Vulcan blood, green in color that Spock excuded upon that garment in one of his many scuffles and adventures. To have red blood is one have it green is out of this World and maybe well worth the investment.
I suspect Spock however might "feel" so inclined to give the prospective buyer a mind meld to see just what's ticking in their noggin. Just to have bragging rights to claim jersey as theirs? Not sure that'd meet Spock's approval!

I'm guessing he'd conclude it as another wacky example of irrational human thinking so predominate in the 21st Century--a time when much of the populace could barely allow themselves even a moment away from their hand held devices and their gadgets and gizmos! Yes I'm thinking his eyebrow would be raised signalling inconceivable bewilderment!  Kirk on the other hand I'm sure would see an opportunity..."Scotty beam down a box of them blue shirts! We can exchange them for dilithium crystals! At least then we can BOLDLY GO where we've been a few times before!"

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