Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Key To Not Being Abducted By Aliens!

News is reporting Russian entrepreneur, Yuri Milner is planning to invest $100 million into a project called, "Breakthrough Listen" that will seek by listening to the skies for extraterrestrial messages, similar to Seti. It's under consideration as well as to not only listen but also to send a message and they're gathering suggestions on just what such a message would be, and here's the thing...the best messages will share a reward of $1 million dollars!
 Perhaps all should put together a potential message and submit it. Who knows...maybe your chance of having your message picked would be better than the odds of winning a lottery and consider the exhilaration you'd feel to know it was your words which were the first connecting  to outsiders. Make sure you don't offend them though! You might end up on XFiles as one  abducted by aliens!

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