Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Lights Flashing Siren Going Marriage Proposal!

How sweet! I just read a cop in Texas with a group of other officers pulled over his girl friend as she drove her vehicle. They made on she had a broken tail light plus a great many outstanding warrants for her arrest. As she began to sink down in a deep sense of melancholy her boyfriend the first cop approached the car with a wedding ring and proposed marriage! What a relief! Instead of the fear of being thrown in the slammer she could accept his proposal to live a life time together!

Perhaps next time you see the police pull someone over your thought, "Looks like the cop got that one" might take on a whole new meaning. I'll probably say henceforth, "He probably just wants to propose marriage!" It makes me wonder if people might be able to hire a cop to do this for a few bucks on the side...LIGHTS FLASHING, SIREN GOING...what a grand way to get the other's attention and to make a lasting impression for life!

One wonders what would have happened to the other if they said NO. No???? Lock he or she up and throw away the key? Perhaps she could add that she knows her constitutional rights and she has the right to remain silent? Perhaps a new fun fad would be if a cop pulls you over you jump in before they says a word and quickly inform them that you're sorry but you're already happily married? Perhaps they might laugh, and you'll create good will and they might show you mercy on your ticket---or maybe they'll instead throw your sorry self in jail tired of the worn out joke! After all...marriage to them may not be a laughing matter. LOL :)

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