Thursday, April 23, 2015

Green Party's Roof Turns Black

Interesting Headline

Bonfire of Insanities: Solar Panels Start Fire as Green Party-Run Hove Town Hall

Some are calling it rather ironic. An incident at the  Brighton & Hove Town Hall, in the UK, caused many to raise their eyebrows and give a little snicker. It's the Green Party headquarters and apparently they had a roof fire in which solar panels are considered to be the culprit. Fortunately no one was hurt except maybe the political aspirations of the Green Party itself. Many are wondering how this will affect them in the next election...always being the ones putting forth environmental strategies of using Mother Nature's free and safe energy of the sun and wind....and yet their building catches fire and could have burned to the ground.

The fire department has been clear to state that solar panels are no more dangerous than any other appliance which have any type of electrical components but will the truth of that fall on deaf ears and the perception however false stay upon them....that environmentalists are extremists who lack insight into what they're doing? Maybe they'll burn down a whole community if they're brought into power due to their stupidity?

 I find this story of particular interest for a fellow colleague of mine suggested some time ago a way of making some extra income would be to build and sell Pop Can Solar Panels one can readily see in various youtube videos. I was impressed but backed away concerned about the liability issues...what if we constructed them and something went faulty, and now I read this. Yes environmentalists push solar panels. Fine! I guess it'd be good to make sure however that they don't turn your green roof to one  black with fire.

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