Monday, March 4, 2013

A Comet Could Hit Mars


Interesting thing in the news today. A newly discovered comet may hit Mars...and watch for two others near earth.  According to the story comet named C/2013 A1 will fly near the Red Planet Mars on Oct 19th 2014 but due to the uncertainty in predicting this comets direction they're uncertain as to whether it could very well indeed slam into the planet. Maybe a little bit of excitement for the Mars rovers?  In regard to earth this Tuesday a different comet "Panstarrs" will pass 100 million miles from us which is roughly half the distance to the moon.  We're told there's no cause for concern.

You can view this comet from March 6 through 8 above the western horizon. Later on in the year there'll be a second comet, "ISON" which will be clearly seen in November, again no cause for concern. It's funny though how they're never sure of there's a guarantee the space wanderer won't hit Mars but they can very quickly tell us we're ok. Nope, don't worry!  I think a good way of thinking about life is the thing that you fear is going to get you in the end it probably never is. Most likely it'll be the unexpected maybe dying from shock because you won the lottery?  :))

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