Saturday, November 23, 2013

Toronto The Great City...Or The Laughing Stock

I've never been much a fan of condescending humour making light of someone's obvious shortcomings or deficiencies considering them funny. I recall having watched a hoarder show and was left with a feeling that something wasn't quite just right. If one thinks through on the matter these are individuals who quite obviously have serious mental issues...genuinely not all there as the saying goes. Why therefore laugh at them? Not a sign of modern barbarism? In the news there's been much discussion concerning let's call it the coming apart of the Mayor of the city of Toronto...Rob Ford. He's been held up as an object of ridicule by even international media and it makes me wonder by their so doing so if they're not putting down signs for future generations to define just how far the culture of 2013 had truly progressed.
I won't roll out a whole list of the particulars of the failings of Mayor Ford and his desperate acts to keep himself as the functioning leader of the great city of Toronto. Major new networks have amply taken you down each step reporting of his daily free fall. One thing I will however mention is  last year in regard to the suspicion based on a video which nobody had ever seen that the mayor was being involved in taking serious drugs. Toronto City council always seemed to fight against him in the early days when it was alleged he was so doing. It didn't seem they were willing to give him any benefit of the doubt and wait for the facts to come out. For this reason I have to conclude that maybe they've been nothing but pure opportunists themselves, although yes they many times claimed to have the cities interests at heart. I guess the voters will decide.
 Having said that however what's been the continual unravelling of the mayor with his actions and words taking him to new lows of irrationality makes me conclude he should maybe call it a day...step down and allow the city to rebuild and recapture the international respect as the great city it's always been known. I'd encourage the mayor not to be concerned about the idea that his political enemies had won. They may not have won anything for I'd have him consider that the general public by and large are quite perturbed  by their actions. In the fall of 2014 the present city council may find those running against them may actually find the favour of the people. Once again I'd say to Ford that maybe he should take his mind off his political enemies and consider perhaps there's a bigger picture needing to be considered that being what could be the potential ramifications for this rather forlorn, out of sorts soap opera going on and on?
 Is it really good for the city? What about the business climate? Couldn't it be compromised? Consider potential  major corporations, or other very high profile shakers and makers in the world of business looking to book say a convention at major hotels...would he really want Toronto categorized as the place where deranged lunatic things take place and not to be considered a world class place to brings ones partners and colleagues? Is it truly fair to put the Toronto business community at such a risk? Then isn't there something else even more important? What about the young people coming up? Would he truly and sincerely want them coming to a conclusion that if the Mayor of the city can experiment or play around with drugs like crack even in his most recent days then why should they consider it unreasonable to do the same?
Again  I'd suggest to him forget about your political enemies...they don't need to be the issue even though he might rightly conclude they've done him a great injustice. Surely he can see there are items here which should be considered a more important concern than yes even a political career. Why not sacrifice it knowing such might be the best thing for the greater good? It is after all just a political career and isn't there many other things one might do? The real question is will Toronto be looked upon as 'Toronto the World Class' or 'Toronto the Wonderful and Exciting' or will Toronto solidify its image as becoming the laughing stock of the world? Is that something you really want Mr Mayor? I truly think not.


  1. Strangest of all is that his supporters aka 'Ford Nation' are still supporting him! One can only hope all the police investigations will lead to charges before the next election! CB

  2. Thanks for your comments CB! I'm thinking there's more about the drug situation and various other things that will come out maybe leading to such. One has to wonder why he had the custom to be socializing with some of the people he was....not just buying off of them as a user but maybe even more then that. We'll see.