Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Card, Flowers, Supper and Car Wash

A few days ago was Valentine's Day. My wife and I had a good laugh as we considered the events of our day! At sunrise we exchanged cards. I'd got her some flowers and chocolates etc and yes we went out for supper. We contemplated going to see a movie but due to the fact she had to wake up for work early the next morning we decided to forgo the movie for another day! Actually we had seen a film one week prior but yes there's still one we'd like to see. I asked her after our Valentine's Supper what she'd like to do next and the reply? "Go through the car wash." So we did!

Just so you know we didn't do this on the cheap using manual sprayers. I decided money was no object! I asked for the Luxury Wash which is the best you can get and of course the machines do it all for you, with no need for her or I to step out of the car. Come to think of it she wouldn't have had to get out of the car regardless. I would have taken care of that but back to the car wash---how much fun it was and it truly was a romantic setting more that you might think. Entering the spray booth the doors of the garage slide down cutting you off from the outside world and guess what...for that moment of time we were all alone!

Then the wax or the shine guard proceeds to cover your windows with a green, reddish goo and I thought it the perfect time for romance. At that moment we both said some wonderful sweet things, kissed and then the water started shooting out blasting the car with a rinse. What an experience! A must for all those in love! Just consider it akin to going through the 'Tunnel Of Love'! To create the best mood for such a venture don't forget to have some good romantic music playing on the stereo! Don't be lazy or negligent! Cover all the bases! It wasn't a very long experience but keep in mind you can have a lot more kisses and such after getting home as we did ourselves. I guess you do have the other option of going through another car wash...whatever works best  for you!

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