Monday, March 17, 2014

Bachelor Pablo Misunderstood?

Tell me I'm not doing a blog about The Bachelor show!  Well I guess I am.  Poor Pablo! His full name... Juan Pablo Galavis .  Nobody seems to like him much, except lady Nicky who claims she's found her love. All Pablo could get out was that he liked her a lot.  The 'Bachelor/Bachelorette show... It's that rather quirky romance series  where approximately 25 members of the opposite sex compete to win the affections of merely one guy...or gal depending if it's the time of the male gender or female, as being the prime star. There's been 18 seasons of the show with the end result of 4 actual weddings which clearly doesn't even come up to a 25% ratio of couples becoming hitched for a life time of martial bliss.
 It's not the easiest thing in the world for I as a male to acknowledge I've watched the program as men generally turn the station to something more brutally aggressive like football or a good war film...but the Bachelor/Bachelorette show isn't without it own unique barbaric moments. I might add as well my wife, not all the time, but periodically likes to watch it so who am I to hog the remote? For the life of me I wonder why people don't consider it such a condescending thing, that is 25 people seeking to win the approval of one starlet stud. I think it's safe to say if the male gender always had the lead women would consider it'd make females look desperate but by taking turns making it into the Bachelorette show next perhaps not so.

I've wondered couldn't the idea of being a bachelor/ bachelorette enlarge ones ego to bordering on narcissism?   First little spat couldn't one blubber out they could have picked 24 others so why I picked you I'll never know? Or how about, "You thought the other one was a great kisser so maybe you should go back to them!" Granted many would tell me it's just a show which leads me to wonder just how much if any of it is scripted? Could some of it be so, without many of the participants even aware that certain others are mere actors playing out a part? At least to me it seems at various times the actions and responses of those involved seems orchestrated and dreamed up by a writing staff. 
Would it be surprising if we found out in some distant future that such was the case? I think not. Getting back to poor seems he's the bachelor which wins the award as the least liked in the  history of all the show. The number of episodes I watched I suppose I can agree...maybe he should be considered such. It seemed to me he wasn't much interested in a partner who could share and articulate anything more than great kissing abilities. As one Andi, who apparently has signed on the be the next Bachelorette stated Pablo really didn't know anything about  herself...her world-view, her politics--anything of real substance. Did Pablo just had a one track mind? Well Andi took him off track by refusing to be a part of one of the last rose ceremonies packing her bags and going home. Her closing statements to Pablo probably won her the spot as the next Bachelorette letting him know in no uncertain terms she wanted more substance in a man...not just of the body but also the mind.
Appreciating a deep thinker I wonder if she mentally did the math herself and considered she was the next one to be axed so why not save herself the humiliation and clear out of town the next plane out? Wouldn't maybe keep her dignity in place? We'll give her the benefit of the doubt though....let's just say she just didn't like poor Pablo as much as she thought. Well the grand finale had lady Clare getting the final dump refusing to receive from Pab a goodbye kiss not even a hug! In her hurt she set him straight making him aware she'd never want him to be the father of her children! Ouch! Talk about getting personal! She made it clear that the night prior she'd given him the chance to clarify his feelings but he declined in so doing, except a little lead on that he could see himself living in her hometown...SURE...MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE TIME! 

But other than the slight lead on what could Clare expect? That Pablo could release information meant to stay classified? And could one truly believe lady Clare would have stayed for the final rose ceremony and not have walked? Poor guy would have been so embarrassed that he spilled the beans and I'm sure show producers would lampblast him for so doing. . Really though I couldn't muster up too much sympathy towards him most of the time as I felt he was indeed patronizing towards the lady folk....Don't be concerned about serous issues ladies...IT'S OK...everything's OK just keep on kissing ole Pablo and all will be fine! However just when I was ready to write Pab off of worthy of any respect I suddenly gained a new appreciation  for the man and thought now here's one who has a great deal more depth and insight that others bachelors clearly lacked. It came as quite a surprise and wouldn't have thought he had it in him...but lo and behold he did.

He chose one Nicky to be the recipient of the FINAL ROSE, but two things he wouldn't do that is make a proposal of marriage nor would he come out with saying that he loved the dear lady as the last one standing. The show's host was incensed rolling his eyes, and looking upon poor Pablo in disdain asking repeatedly, "Aren't you going to tell Nicky you LOVE her?" Others chimed in reiterating the same. Pab stood his ground though trying to explain the rightness of his position which fell on deaf ears. They'd have no part of it! You come on the show according to them and there's no excuse for at the end of the day not coming to the place of recognising one's TRUE LOVE?   Excuse me!   How could they know that if the show brings on to start, 25 adorable participants that his TRUE LOVE wouldn't have been the 26th one that failed to make the cut. In other words can the show guarantee they found his one and only irresistible soul mate?

Consider that Pab could have blabbered out a bunch of insincerity and say the 'LOVE' word, make his proposal with no intent of ever following through with a genuine relationship. Is that what the audience really would want? And isn't that probably what they got with by far the majority of Bachelors/ Bachelorettes as there's only really been 4 weddings from 18 seasons? Pablo was clear and anyone with their ears open should have got it. In regard to the declaring the LOVE word he brought up Nicky's father. He stated he owed it to him that if he was entertaining the thoughts of marriage that the father wanted to hear words akin that he'd forsake all others, that there'd be none other and being able to give that acknowledgement he'd have his blessing.

So Pab hadn't reached the point yet. Should he have lied? He was still willing and was interested in their both perusing their relationship and to keep exploring the possibility that they'd make a good what's dishonourable about that? Consider that in the whole show of two months they're probably only together  3 or 4 dates....and that's enough to know for a certainty this is it? For most in the dating world they'd say that places them still on the level of getting to know each other.

 No, Pablo gained my respect for his mature stance on the issue....all others that is if they were serious didn't even come close to understanding the BIGGER PICTURE of what Poor Ole Pab meant. Who knows? Maybe he and Nicky will mutually acknowledge their love for one another and it'll be the fairy tale ending that some hoped to see. Or maybe a different twist...maybe Pab will marry some maid that was at one the many hotels they had stayed  around the world. At  least the show can rightly claim they brought a couple together. Anyway, way to go Pablo! You're not perfect but I get it!

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