Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time For a New and Different Sport!!

I'm thinking it's time for a new and different sport. Something that makes sense! I enjoy hockey although confess I've only watched a game or two in the past playoff season. I tuned into a little bit of soccer as the World Cup was showing and as I watched something stood out to me---something quite peculiar and from all appearances grossly unfair. A goalie in soccer has a net 24 feet wide, 8 feet across. The net size for NHL hockey is 6 feet by 4 feet! I read sports commentaries which sing  the praises of Goalie A or B but come on!

I calculate with the goalie just standing in front of the net more than likely 50 % of all pucks would most likely be stopped by not moving. What skill is there in that in having to stop a puck with the net so small? Not much really especially when one considers their big large leg pads to boot. Then there's basketball....the net is 10 feet from the floor with the average players height in the NBA being about 6 foot, 7 inches. When they make jumps to become equal height as the hoop it looks wonderfully impressive but keep in mind it's only 4 feet above them.

 I say it's time for a new sport or take the existing ones and make them ever more challenging. How about changing the hockey net from 6 to at least 12 feet which is still only half the size of a soccer net. Or maybe with basketball we can make them play it on skates and if they make a jump towards the hoop they have to do it in a figure skating fashion. Imagine every hoop jump they have to do a quad in mid air, which is four revolutions with their body in a spin and then plunk it into the net? Maybe the idea of the game should be how graceful can you get?   What do you think? LOL :)

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