Saturday, November 22, 2014

How I Put A Bully In His Place

I wasn't going to put up with it! It was time to get back at the bully and that I did!  I'd like to share the story how at nine years of age I took actions to get back at the playground bully. He was about 3 years my senior and delighted to push us younger ones around. I recall one particular incident I said to myself that enough was enough! My parents usually gave me a nickel [5 cents] or a dime once a day. In the early 1960's that'd buy you a chocolate bar or a can of soda...and so I did. Tommy  the bully came around...grabbed the chocolate bar  from my hand and laughed while consuming it away.

The only thing I could think was to get him in trouble and if I was going to do it I wanted to make it BIG TIME trouble. I watched his house to see when his parents got home and upon seeing them drive in the driveway I knew the time had come. I waited a few moments to let them get settled.  My friends asked, "Are you really going to do it?" "Yup I replied...just watch!" I walk up the door with great determination  and even thought I'd embellish my story...lay the guilt on the bully thick and heavy. I introduced myself to the parents and proceeded to explain what their low down good for nothing son did but added, "It's my Birthday today too! My parents really don't have much money and I seldom even get any candy but  because it's my Birthday they gave me a dime...and Tommy  came and took all I bought!" I then started to pout and cry.

 "Tommy, Tommy! You get down here right now!" is all I could hear. I laugh within myself. "Did you take this boy's candy!" He finally acknowledges he did. His parents add on, "You should be ashamed of yourself! And here it's his Birthday on top of all that!" I almost felt sorry for the bully...I say almost. The parents state unequivocally that they're going to give me the money and then some to make up for the transgression of their now remorseful son's actions  and told him he's grounded for a week. I smile through my tears offering up thanks but then they added one more thing however which caused me quite concern.

They stated, "We'd like to take you home  and have Tommy  apologize to your parents as well  for his deplorable  behaviour!" I tried to talk them out of it but they insisted. The very thought of taking a poor child's Birthday gift to them was intolerable. The only problem as I've wasn't really my Birthday and I knew they might find out. Well...they take me home and the bully Tommy  apologizes to my parents as well.

"We feel particularly horrible about this," they say, "for we've learned it was your son's Birthday too! We're so sorry," they say to which my parents bring some clarification, "His Birthday? It's not his Birthday for another few months." The parents look at me and I at them and the bully shakes his head. "Doesn't matter!" the parents finally announce, "He took your boy's candy and we really want you to know how sorry we are."   I'll say one thing though....I NEVER HAD PROBLEMS WITH THAT BULLY AGAIN.

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