Monday, September 20, 2010

I Was Born When 'Be Bop Baby' Was A Hit!

I was born on June 14th 1957, in the town of Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada In the year of 57. Britain tested their first hydrogen bomb and Elvis Presley recorded his  hit, 'Loving You." I'm confident of course my mother must have sang it to me bringing me home from the hospital. Or could she have sung 'Be Bop Baby' and "I'm All Shook Up" which came out the same year, I just can't say. According to my latest check, the actual day of my birth was a on a Friday, and I've got it on the word of a couple of pretty reliable sourses that the time was around 9:45 p.m. of  the  Eastern Standard Type.

Concerning my actual date of birth I'll return to in a moment but just let me say how very fortunate I consider myself to have June as my actual birth month! Except for the very huge, ugly and grotesque June bugs which fly and buzz around the first week of the month, there's just something so lovely and exquisite about June if one thinks about it and I'd ask you to do so now if you would. January, February, and March are considered the dead of winter, while April, and May are the times where the seasons are setting the stage for what generally will be the good weather to come.

In June the leaves of the trees have reached their mature colour of green and I've read that there are more flowers seen in this particular month then in any other. Might it be said it's like the whole of creation is screaming out, "This is it! Everything is now prepared for the year to start and just to demonstrate the truth of this very thing you're to become blessed with  innumerable and countless seeds scattered in the wind which in their own June time spring forth into lovely dandelions which will grace the lawns of the rich and the poor alike with no expense to the recipients I might add."

Oh yes I'm aware that many would claim they're undesirable but could such individuals really honestly and sincerely tell me they've given them a chance? I can assure you that those who do have been known to say what a nice, relaxing, and gentle scent they possess. I do acknowledge however that I keep them pretty much cleared off my lawn seeking to be somewhat accommodating to all my neighbours who make it their custom and habit to do so as well. I'll say this part with no shame however that when I'm passing by the open spaces where one sees them growing in abundance I see these lovely, gold, sunny like looking entities and I say, "Thrive on you wonders of beauty and grace thrive on!"

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  1. Hey Dad...whenever the spirit moves are more than welcome to come over to my house so you can have a peek-a-boo at some of those darn dandelions..LOL

    I'm staying tuned for 'part 2'...