Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome Aboard !

On my very first blog to start off I'll reiterate once again how pleased I am to have you come on board! I was telling everybody else how much I'd hope you'd pop in and WOW! Here you are and yes...I'm talking about YOU. I truly feel honoured and pleased that you would take the time to do so and sincerely hope you will find this an interesting, fun, enjoyable place to be!

I'm confident that with you hopefully leaving comments from day to day that there'll be much food for thought for all of us to consider, and please don't be shy or hesitate to post! Your participation is valuable to me and I'll try to do my very best as time allows to give a response.

I call my blog 'The Bigger Picture' for isn't that one of the main things we should encourage one another to look to in life, to look beyond just surface reasoning, and to consider every aspect of whatever subject and theme?

In so doing I would suggest we can arrive at seeing things from a greater perspective and thereby making it possible to have and enjoy a more positive optimistic outlook on life. Let me just say there will be some of my blogs where I'll be wearing a JA hat which means just a little bit of fun joking around, for one and all need a touch of humour once in awhile do they not?

Some blogs will be more of a serious nature or you might say I'm wearing an S hat, meaning serious. I do trust and hope that you're not tempted to think I'm wearing a D hat and because of time I won't even discuss what that means. Well....for my first number of blogs I'll be doing some humour pieces of my life in a Forrest Gump type of fashion...hope ya will enjoy them :-) Fasten your seat belts for the journey is about to begin!!

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  1. Very Nice Dad :-)...Congratulations on your first of many blog posts!!!