Thursday, December 9, 2010

Refreshments Are Free And Ready To Enjoy !

Hi !  I had stated in the lead in to my blog that while visiting my site you're invited to have refreshments on the table and I encouraged you to help yourself to whatever you like. This is the refreshment  room and well, as you can see I try to decorate it pretty nice for my guests. Hope you like the nice white and red flowers and that you find them visually appealing.  I can change the flower arrangements anytime you like to add variety.

I'll show you some of the tables of the goodies and as stated before make yourself at home and help yourself!  Don't worry about taking seconds either, come back as many times as you want!  I'll try to add new food items from day to day so just give me a comment on anything you'd like.

First of all help yourself to a drink.  I have coffee, tea, and egg nog for Christmas and there's some bowls  of punch over there in  the corner!   You just name it and I'll seek to provide it. My butler and maid will go and purchase anything else we need as well. First why don't you try some  tea, coffee or punch to get the ball rolling.

Here let me pour you some tea!  If you desire one of those  cup cakes feel free, I see the dinner though is ready to be served maybe I should tell you to hold off on the cup cakes until later...but of course you can help yourself.  

Here's the table full of wonderful goodies! Just join the line there and help yourself to whatever you'd like!

Lots of food on the other side of the room too folks!  No need to thank me , its my pleasure and delight to want to do something nice for those who visit my blog! I really think it's the least I could do!   :)

Oh, you say you would like a little bit more healthier food choices?  You don't care for all the gravy and fried things?  No problem...step right over this way!   Hey!  Now does that look good or what!

You say you've went up for seconds and thirds?  Hey take your time, I don't mind if you're here all night! Even just stay here if you like! No, no, no you don't have to pay me for the meals, they're on the house!  No you don't have to leave me a tip either, there's definately   no need for that! Oh you say you wouldn't mind some desert? No problem, right over this way. Better still close your eyes and I'll take you to them! I'll tell you when to open them. Ok good!  You can open your eyes now!

Now don't even tell me that you wouldn't like a piece of that! I mean really! Who could resist turning down such a wonderful delight and such a exhilarating experience to the taste buds as that? What happens when all  the chocolate cake is gone? Oh I have a whole tray of sweets! Again just help yourself! So hey my visiting friend! Thanks for coming to my blog and again don't hesitate to share with me certain type foods or refreshments you'd like to see in this room. My goal is to please and I most certainly hope I've achieved  even a little bit of that today! Thanks for popping in!

P.S.  Oh by the way in case you feel you need to burn off a few pounds after visiting my refreshment room  I have a treadmill room  you can  use as well, as many of my guests do. It's all yours free to the using!  Thanks for coming and hope to see you again soon!

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  1. Thanks amazing...I went from craving sweets and chocolate not craving it anymore after seeing the picture of the gym!..LOL

  2. Yum. You made me hungry. Good thing it's almost dinner time. Bad thing, I'm serving spaghetti. Oh, with pistashio nut ice cream in a waffle cone for dessert.

  3. Ha! Well there you go Becky! Maybe I can start a weight loss business by selling pictures of gyms LOL Maybe it can be said to folks if you're going to take a long look at those sweets then take just as long a look at the gym picture as well :)lol

  4. Margaret did you say you're having spaghetti! And ice cream too! There's alot at my banquet here who say they want to go to your place next! Don't worry they say they won't stay long just a couple of days until your spaghetti left overs are all gone. Worry not kidding of course :) Thanks for your comment:))

  5. Wow this is important to share, since we are all approaching Christmas....Thanks...

  6. Yes that's right Neneng...Mmmmmm that was delicious. Thanks Bob, you sure do serve a feast...Now back to the gym :))

  7. You're right Neneng..Christmas time I'm sure many will be going to parties of big banquets...It's interesting that January is probably has the biggest memberships taking place for gyms in the year, with New Years resolutions and such :)

  8. A totally non-fattening experience. And yet very gratifying at the same time. Thanks for providing a selection of fresh fruits. It has been a challenging year and yet fulfilling in many ways. May 2011 continue to fulfill our needs and bring us greater tolerance and understanding of one another.

  9. Made me hungry and I just ate! Always room for more. Yes, I have high hopes for 2011 too. The second half, anyway!