Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sometimes An Odd Time And All Of The Time!

Sometimes you have to laugh when you don't feel like laughing, and smile when you don't feel like smiling! Sometimes  you have to not take many things too seriously but try to see a bigger picture. Sometimes  you have to reset look to the future and set forth a positive agenda for happiness. Sometimes you have to shake off negativity  and rise up and make something good happen,

Sometimes you need to break through self pity that can hold one bound and make sure it doesn't take hold of you.  Sometimes you need to stop being a Gloomy Gus realizing some people have had the same problem as you or even greater. Sometimes you need to get your mind off yourself and seek to be an encouragement to others.

Sometimes you need to consider a few months from now you won't even be thinking about the problems you now face they'll be a thing of the past, gone forever! Sometimes you need to respond to situations and not react, responding being a positive thing, reacting being negative. Sometimes you need to jump up out of your despondency and bounce back with great resilience !Sometimes you need to refrain from getting bitter but rather to get better instead realizing that  many dark clouds have a silver lining,

Sometimes you need to capture the thought that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning, Sometimes you need to not be pointing fingers knowing that if you do three are pointed back at you, Sometimes you need to stop seeking to give people advice like this  and let them figure out these things on their own but sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes you need to admit you're wrong and recognize that you don't need to do these things just sometimes, BUT ALL THE TIME : )

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  1. Thanks Bob... Sometimes I need to shake off negativety, just like that cute little puppy and watch the sun come through the clouds. That's so inspiring and so timely. Yes there's a silver lining behind every cloud and also all the time... we gotta reach for the stars and not let the clouds get in our way. Another great post Bob :))

  2. I'm always impressed with how some folks can have some of the biggest problems imaginable and yet make a decision they're going to embrace a mentality of being positive and allow their faith and hope of a better day to see them through. That's not easy for many for sure depending on what their problem is but all are still better off I think by at least trying never to give into a despair...look for the silver linings no matter how hard at times they may be to find. :)

  3. Thanks Bob, that is such a healthy and positive. :)

  4. What good and timely thoughts, Bob. Thanks. Kate