Sunday, February 27, 2011

Genuine Product Pricing [GPP] Part 1

Lets talk about feelings shall we---How's it make you feel when you're in the market  and you see the price of things set at $3.99, $19.99 or $199.99? Looking at more costly items you might see $999.99 or how about $19,999.99. Yes I'm aware that they'll juggle even a few numbers different and call it 19,998.07 but the idea is still the same---make the customer "seem" or "feel"  they're getting their product purchase at a lower level of cost. $3.99 has the feel of 3 dollars and well....just something a little extra, and $199.99 seems like around $100.00, or something like that.

  If one looks at a price label of $19,999.99 then what's the feeling left with that?  $19,000.00?  Is it my purpose  to stand against the liberties of a free society and to stop by legislative force the rights of a citizenry to do so as they please in the setting of their price of goods or services?  No, a thousand [1000] times NO, and you'll notice I didn't stay with 999 but rounded it off to 1,000.   No, most certainly we do not need any more invasive ways for government to seek to try to control us. Having said that if there is any practise we collectively should rightly deem to be 'politically innorrect' or something to be considered genuinely a rather taboo thing to do in all honesty shouldn't this be added to the list?  

Nine, ninety nine, 9999 and some would want to throw in a few more nines for good measure? "Don't yeah know," somebody might state, "that if you add in a 7, like 997.99 that works even better?"  I'm sure it does! Now you've made them feel they've got something lucky as well, YUP LUCKY NUMBER 7.  Am I seeking to vilify any and all who have used the power of staying with 9 and not crossed the line into calling for the more true genuine price? I'd like to believe I'm not but I'd like one and all to at least consider the question that can't we as a culture do better?  

The power of coming up to only the nine could be argued that it has the capacity to increase more sales but that would mean the bottom line, or the making of a buck is the governing factor in determining all things. With all due respect I'd contend among a civilized culture this thing should not be. Let me be perfectly clear that I'm not calling for a boycott for businesses that use the nine, ninety-nine nine nine approach. I'd imagine most of us would starve if I did. I am however calling for the business world to stop, reflect and have the courage to consider a whole new approach.

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  1. I totally agree the 999.99 is totally deceptive and something that has gone on for years. You would feel you are their friend and not another number (a little pun there)if the figures were 10000.00. Good write! Looking forward to Part 2 :)