Monday, February 28, 2011

Genuine Product Pricing [GPP] Part 2

Continuation Of Genuine Product Pricing....

One might call it Genuine Product Pricing or GPP. Instead of say asking, for an example, $599.99  you consider getting real and put down the genuine price as $600.00. You might ask if customers wouldn't be  perturbed for not allowing them to experience the one cent saving on a purchase of something that costs hundreds of dollars but I'd suspect they'd get over it don't you think?  They might even stop to consider that you're a business which tells things like they are and feel good about giving you that extra penny when they see your price as say, $800.00 instead of $799.99. 

I'd like us all to imagine a world where you walk in a store and see ads and see stickers on tags as, "We're firmly and absolutely are committed to GPP as apart of our friendly good service" Would it mean that one could never price something in the 90 range? No, there can be genuine exceptions but when it's a pattern concerning everything and all things bringing all things right up to the last penny before the 10 can't it be agreed that's being rather ingenious? A rather interesting thing I've always found quite humorous in talking to store clerks in discussing the price of their products I'd ask them, about one thing here for $999,99 and another for $499.99 "So you're really wanting 1000 for this and 500 for that." 

They've always agreed that they are so how about we say that from the start? My thought is to bring about a group of people I guess perhaps on Facebook people who put out a call for Genuine Product Pricing or GPP. I'm wondering if this generation is up to the challenge and have the courage to employ GPP or whether the legacy of having done so will belong to some future generation, but one thing for certain I firmly believe it will take place. 

 Perhaps I'll get a Facebook group of 9,999,99 and maybe you my reader will be that extra one to bring it over the 10! A prize maybe for the one who becomes number 10 million? Ha, we'll see! I may not though get any more then 9 and I may not even get 1 and if so future generations you can add me to your list of your nine, ninety nine nine nine and I'll put you over the top making it Even Stephen. You don't know what that means?  Well there's a history lesson for you!  If  you can send the answer to me back in time I'll try to send you back 99 cents!

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