Sunday, June 19, 2011

Invasion Of The NGC's [Non-Grass Cutters]

Imagine the following scene--you go for a stroll and walking by one house you see instead of a well trimmed yard...a jungle. You observe an oddity however right in the middle of the yard---there's a rusted and broken down lawn mower---not being used--- just sitting there. The following day and in the weeks to come you see the same thing---a wild overgrown yard with the mower in the middle.  The truth begins to dawn---the resident isn't lazy in refusing to cut their grass, but rather they've apparently created an interesting form of 3-D art. I propose the name of the piece should be 'Good Intentions'---lawn mower there---grass needs cut, but never is. My wife and I one day passed by such a place!

The non-grass cutters or for short I'll call them NGC's.  This has always amazed me about city or municipal governments----- why they cut such slack to the non-grass cutting citizens?   Am I referring merely to a homeowner who has failed to do their reasonable duty on one given week? No but rather those who let things go wild week after week or dare I say month after month without even the slightest thought of addressing the issue of the Amazon jungle growing  outside their window. For the record I must say that both my neighbours  keep their yards well trimmed so I'm not talking about anything within close proximity of myself.  As I drive around my city however, as all know, it always comes down to 1-2 residents on any given street.

It boggles me with all the way authorities  look for ways to take a tax grab why not put it to those to whom not too many would mind? Wouldn't a hefty fine of about 2-3 hundred dollars seem about right making it clear in no uncertain terms that giving the yard its required trimming is an absolute must? Yes it could be said there might be an acceptable excuse for not having it done---perhaps with the case of the elderly a certain problem needs addressed  and a certain solution  can be worked out, but for most of others why not put it to them?  If one wants to be lazy it's their prerogative to be so? Seeing the bigger picture however who could deny the actions or in this case the non-actions of others can have a financial impact upon ones neighbours? Should that be allowed? I'd say not! How lovely it must be to be seeking to sell one's property and their not so nice meticulous neighbour demonstrates with their inaction what the buyer will be looking forward to in buying the adjacent property.

Now time to look upon the more lighter side for non-grass cutters have reputations for doing the most unusual things. I've heard some say they'd like to rip up their lawn, pave it, and paint it green. I thought I'd google the joke but lo and behold what do I see? A picture perhaps depicting that's what one person did---as to whether it's credible or not I leave you to judge. [see picture on the left] Looking at it through ones peripheral  vision I'd say it doesn't look too bad but a word of friendly warning if one is feeling so inspired to do the same check with your local bylaw officer to ensure you're not requested to replant the lawn due to major structure changes to the lot. LOL :)

Here's another option for the NGC's---how about artificial turf? Surprise, surprise I discovered that some people do that! [see picture directly above] An acquaintance of mine informed  me he knows of one house the other side of my city which did that very thing. The final option and I think it's a good one  to consider, and that's they should  get off their lazy behinds and do what needs to be done---cut the yard.  Yes I appreciate people get real busy and they can't take that 30 minutes a week to get outside and enjoy a little bit of fresh air, and have that little bit of perspiration rise up upon their foreheads, that's tough I know. There's good news on that front too---there are mowers one can purchase where the wheels move themselves! All one has to do is steer!

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