Saturday, June 25, 2011

Up, Up, Up, Up---New Ways Of Using The Word

I hope you're up to what I'm about to say and please don't act like an uppity up, stuck up person---lighten up!  I'd appreciate if you'd not consider me, cracked up, and  doped up and please don't clam up and get mixed up!  Don't get up and leave  because you're fed up either. Cheer up!  I'm just trying to brush up, shore up, and boost up by digging up, and bringing up all the U + P words.

It's good  to be able to back up one's knowledge of such in order to be wisened up so I hope that clears up why I dreamed up, rounding up these words. I think it's now time to know that you might be getting worked up and want me to  wrap it up, zip it up and yes some might rack it up a little more strongly by  saying, SHUT UP!!!  I believe anyway that I've piled up and filled up this blog with  enough 'UP' words although I may need to update it later!  Looking up other words of which I can do similar  I see 'DOWN' might be a good one too! One last word of encouragement though....NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Perhaps you  might like as well the following blog of mine, "5 Steps, 2 Jumps and 1 Leap To Succeed!" It's a humour piece which makes light of the idea of so many steps to success...It's usually not as simple as's many times a few steps and then a bunch of other stuff. Please click on link---->


  1. I am thouroughly enjoying reading through your posts...I am glad I got up early today to catch up on some reading...

  2. Well thanks so very much Doreen! Appreciate your kind comment! :)