Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Wonderful Season And "It's A Wonderful Life!" [Pt 1]

Well, it appears were moving now out of the Christmas theme and the consciousness of New Years has taken over. I for one don't like to think of Christmas as a mere day, but rather a season. I heard recently of one particular culture that have designated things to do in October, November and then December---all related to Christmas. Since the month of January seems in my opinion to lack a certain sense of character who knows---maybe we can add that in too! I'm looking over the last few weeks and can truly say I've had a blessed time this holiday season. I ask myself one thing though, and that is will I ever really tire of watching the grand ole classic Christmas movies which many in my north american culture, delight in viewing?

I think not. I guess they've become engrained within our mindsets that Christmas or the Christmas season, without them just wouldn't be the same. Interesting however , that on Christmas Eve itself, I didn't watch the traditional "Scrooge movies" but I found myself viewing the new "Rise Of The Planet Of the Apes" Will it ever be considered a Christmas classic?

I wouldn't count on it for without a doubt there sure is a considerable difference between 12 reindeer transporting a jolly ole man in a red suit to towns and cities around the world filling everyone's children with glee. Besides, would parents really care to have their children hearing little thumps on the roof and consider they're maybe apes, or monkeys going on the attack? I'm not sure about that. Having said that, "The Rise Of The Planet of the Apes" was an incredibly well done film, and in my opinion 100 X's better then the remake of 2001. 

I did watch in this Christmas Season, Frank Campa's "It's A Wonderful Life" starring Jimmy Stewart, which just happened to be Mr Stewart's all time favourite. Here's some interesting trivia concerning it. To begin with the idea for the film was actually derived from a 4,100-word short story by Philip Van Doren Stern which he wrote in 1943, entitled "The Greatest Gift". Apparently Stern was unable to find a publisher so you might say he gave it out as a freebee, as a 21 page booklet to friends for Christmas.

It eventually came to the attention of a Hollywood film producer who then purchased the film rights for $10,000. Speaking to writers here, I wonder if that answers a particular question some continue to ask---that being, if you've released a particular piece out to be read to an audience, does that necessarily substantiate as a fact that no official publisher will henceforth entertain the notion of publishing the piece? As you can see that wasn't the case with "It's A Wonderful Life". Stern released for free the story and surprisingly it became of monetary value at some later date.

Part 2 of "The Wonderful Season/Wonderful Life" coming soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing that about "It's a Wonderful Life." Very interesting how it was once given away free.

  2. Great blog! You touched on a few things, and I enjoyed all of them. Your opionion of January's lack of charector is how I've felt about her for yrs!
    Accidently came across you on twitter, followed your link and enjoyed your blog.
    Your a definate "follow" for me, LOL!

  3. You're welcome Cindy and thanks for your comment. Yes I think it is quite interesting that a great story like, "The Greatest Gift" which became the film "It's A Wonderful Life" wouldn't have been taken up by a publisher right away. I guess that means for none of us who like to write, don't ever throw away a piece. Ha, years from now it might be a classic. ;)

  4. Thank you Sandra! I hope any and all future blogs I do you'll find of interest as well! Your novel, "Invisible Wings" looks like a real inspiration for those going through such a difficult trial of life of which you write. As you state on your blog it's very much similar to your own experience. I'm sure many will be uplifted and encouraged! :)