Thursday, August 2, 2012

                       2009 "Joe The Plumber"  2012 "Bob The Builder"

Whipping through headlines today I saw two words..."Store hammers" and for a second considered it was encouraging people to store their hammers away. In other words if the American President was saying people didn't build their business they could respond by saying, "Fine we'll store our hammers away never to use them again!" Upon closer examination I saw the headline really was saying that a store hammered Obama with a sign on the street making light of his statement they had not built their businesses.

Maybe a campaign strategy for ole Mitt though? "If you don't think Mr President that Americans built their businesses maybe henceforth they should store away their hammers? Maybe they should build no more?" That's where Romney would get hammered however....Obama could counter by saying, "Store away their hammers? Mitt...Your idea is as dumb as nails!" ;)) makes me ponder to consider. The 2009 U.S. Presidential Campaign saw "Joe The Plumber" come to the forefront. Might Obama this time round in 2012 have to deal with someone like "Bob The Builder"? Or maybe "Hester the Carpenter"? Maybe they'll even take him and show him the things they've built.

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  1. As a matter of fact, Joe the Plumber hasn't left the scene yet. He is running as a conservative candidate in Ohio. Fighting for the American Dream - which apparently consists of being able to own lots and lots of guns.

    He certainly knows how to shoot the s.... and if elected, his constituents will get exactly what they deserve.