Sunday, August 26, 2012

                      Looking At The Moon---Give It A Wink For Neil

Neil Armstrong was  the first man to set foot on the moon.   I emphasise his accomplishment for I read that many on twitter were asking who he was. Wow!  Kind of a sad commentary I'd say on the state of modern education that some wouldn't still consider him on the level of a household name. Oh sure everyone knows the name of the latest star of say a Batman film, or the latest antics in Europe of the pop singer Madonna...but the first man to walk on the moon...Who was he again?

  I'll repeat...Neil Armstrong. Am I being a tad bit unkind towards those  not be in the know? Perhaps. First of all I grew up as a kid in the 60's when I'd say the whole world was looking on with fascination at the  accomplishments the Americans were achieving in space. I followed with much enthusiasm the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs knowing all the astronauts names and what goals they were set out to accomplish. It was an exciting time and it was never too difficult for NASA to hold everyone's attention.

Will they be able to do it or won't they...that is land a man on the moon. Well the space agency worked hard to make it happen and did so slightly ahead of schedule. This brought about the well known saying, "We can land a man on the moon but we can't do this or that". Could the question now be, "We can land a man on the moon but do we really want to do it again?' I'm sure some time it'll be repeated but is the thrill of doing so gone? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

That being said the super great achievements of NASA and their astronauts of the 1960's should never be forgotten. They demonstrated how a great many people could come together and work out a plan on making the impossible happen and they had the courage and determination to see it through. Thanks Neil Armstrong for being the Commander of that Great Apollo mission. When we look up to the moon from time to time we'll give it a wink for Neil!

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