Sunday, December 29, 2013

I Found It So Don't "Search For Tomorrow"


On the date of the 26th of December but in 1986--The U.S. TV soap "Search for Tomorrow" ended its 35 year run. It's too bad the last day wasn't called "The Search Is Over" or "It's Finally Found" or "We Give Up!" Searching but never finding...some would have given up years ago but at least they were persistent! Doing the math if they were "Searching for Tomorrow" for 35 years that would mean....365 X 35 ='s 12,775! So...close to 18,000 times they had achieved their goal...having been in tomorrow and never knew it!

It's too bad they couldn't go back to yesterday and a great many days before that when the first day the show aired and at twelve midnight a bell would ring signifying the new Soap should be called, "Discovery of the Day: One Hour At A Time". To allow 35 years to go by looking for something you've already found multiple times seems like a precious waste of time, and as they say TIME is money! It makes me wonder if the time would have been far better spent looking for the potential within each and every day along the way. I'm sure you agree...ALL OF THIS IS CRAZY, what they did I mean.

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