Sunday, January 9, 2011

Revisiting Susan Boyle Audition Part 1

My first blog of the New Year I'd like to do concerning the wonderful and highly talented Susan Boyle!  Since I begain my blog in September its been my intent to want to touch on this theme but thought the month of January would be best.  Why?  Two reasons, first, is there any better way to start  a new year then to consider one who's inspired multitudes world wide  to follow their dreams?  Secondly  it was  the month of January that Susan actually sang  her rendition of  'I Dreamed A Dream"  on 'Britains Got Talent'.  April was actually the time it was shown to the general public.

Two years have passed since that memorable event and many wonderful things have happened to this one who expressed the hope of becoming a professional singer. Two CD's have been released both of which have done extremely well in sales world wide, and also a must read autobiography  detailing the journey of her life, entitled, "The Woman I Was Born To Be".  It was my pleasure to read it recently and if you'd like an enjoyable read and are looking for something to ignite inspiration within, then I'd encourage you to  pick up a copy of Susan's book today!  I suggest you will be more then glad you did!

I'd like to go back however and discuss that first time most of us became aquatinted with Susan through the renown Glasgow audition.  If you click on watching that well known u-tube video after having not seen it for quite some time I think you'll discover why.  You'll have the sense that it's all new and fresh and as stated prior what a better way to enter the new year then to be moved and inspired once again!  Perhaps you recall the first time you viewed the video?  As for me, I recall coming home beat tired after a long days work, putting my feat up, clicking on my computer only to find an email awaiting me.  A good friend knew I really had an appreciation for the singing of  Paul Potts, another great talent discovered by Simon Cowell on 'Britians Got Talent'. He informed me that they'd discovered another incredible singer I needed to hear.

I clicked on the link and watched Susan sing 'I Dreamed A Dream'.  One time watching it was not enough! I clicked it on again. When my wife came in the room that gave me the excuse to watch it numbers of more times with her. We agreed with the three judges assessment on the matter. Pierce Morgan stated, it was a stunning incredible performance, Amanda Holden expressed it was mind blowing, and Simon Cowell defined it as extraordinary!  The Bob Richards opinion, [so glad you were wondering] would be to say it was remarkable and phenomenal and to see it receive over 300 million hits on utube who could argue?

Part 2 coming soon!

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  1. It really seems unreal that it has been two years since Susan first graced the stage of BGT, I go back often and listen and watch the Audition video and it delights and inspires me every time and still chills me to this day. We have now been blessed with two wonderful CDs of beautiful music and a book that leaves you with a mixture of emotion while inspiring you beyond words. Thank you for your wonderful memory lane. Whiskers

  2. Thank you for your comments Anonymous! Yes I'm sure Susan's audition video, and all of her CD's will be a treasure for people to enjoy in all the years to come. Concerning the video I think it will always be known as one of the most remarkable film clips in history, and Susan is an incredibly remarkable person with great talent. It will be a joy to have all her future CD's as well! :)