Saturday, January 15, 2011

Revisiting Susan Boyle Audition Part 3

One of the judges of 'Britains Got Talent' stated they felt the whole audience was against Susan prior to her singing.  While we may not be singers in a talent competition maybe we're prone to think likewise about ourselves?  It may not even be that we feel people are against us but we wonder at times how many are for us.  Susan did not succumb to a sense or feeling of inferiority that some in the audience would place upon her but rose up to embrace an optimistic winning attitude that she was going to make the audience rock!  

That statement, I would say is the very thing a determined "tiger" [as Simon Cowell referred to her as being] needs to make to drive away negativity  creating a better chance to achieve one's goal!  Susan in her audition interview was asked if she was nervous and she responded, "Sure enough" but she was also aware that if she acted in timidity and fear she'd more then likely let herself down, thus affecting her performance. Putting one foot in front of the other she made a decision to walk in confidence and never looked back.  In my books that's called COURAGE!

How can we have the same and what are we afraid of anyway?  Is it the cynicism, mocking and jeering of ones who want to make light of your efforts in seeking to accomplish  a noteworthy thing?  If so maybe you should consider how much to heart you should take such ones who themselves may be sitting on their laurels never taking the time to discover their own possiblities.

Yes many are in their own personal ruts! They're imprisoned   by their own inaction, never daring to consider that new and exciting achievements are theirs to experience. Such discoveries come with a price tag however and maybe for some it's too big to pay.   It requires one to  demonstrate they have the guts, or to put it more pleasantly the intestinal fortitude , to be willing to think out of the box , leaving,  perhaps forever their comfort zones behind!  Susan Boyle had the  courage to do so.  She saw her window of opportunity and went for it!  One can only hope that we'd be likewise so inspired to do the same.

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  1. Hi again Bob - referring to your comment in Part 2, yes it is me lol - and great to find your blog! You know what I took away from Susan's audition? JOY. Susan's joy - it was a gift to the world. It lifted us all up. She's had a lot of ups since then, and sure, some downs too - but she's faced every demon and kept on going because she has exactly what you say - courage. :>) CanadianBill

  2. Absolutely Bill and if there was ever a time the world needed some joy it sure was needed in the year of 2009 as there was alot of gloom talk about economics going on. And for all the years to come it will be our joy to have and enjoy any and all future CD's Susan releases. It will be interesting to see what songs will be on her next CD too! Thanks again for visiting Bill :)