Sunday, January 23, 2011

Revisiting Susan Boyle Audition Part 4

I've heard it said there probably isn't anybody alive today who hasn't heard the name of Susan Boyle.  She's loved and appreciated around the world for her awesome powerful singing  but her widespread  appeal and acceptance can  also can be attributed to not just to her music but to her person as well.  The entertainment industry has been known to be full of extremely pretentious individuals, cookie cut it would seem from a Hollywood mold, and then  along comes this refreshing breath of fresh air, Susan Boyle, breaking traditional rules of achieving stardom, and who,  singing with a great passion from the heart and soul--the world became convinced--this was one real and genuine individual! 

There are many things one could say they admire about Susan . Beyond just her singing, what comes to my mind, is her desire  to always seek  to be gracious and forgiving . In the BGT semi-final of 2009, Simon Cowell sought to publically apologize  for the condescending way he felt she was treated, to which Susan borrowed a line from the British sitcom, 'Faulty Towers', where shaking her head she stated, "I know nothing, I know nothing, I'm from Barcelona!" The bottom line, and  the thought clearly  being rendered was , 'Look guys, forget it, as far as I'm concerned there's no record of any offence! It doesn't exist! Let's forget the past, block it out of our minds and move on to positive, constructive things!' 

Very impressive!   So not only can Susan Boyle hit the high notes when it comes to her singing but she seems to delight in taking THE HIGH ROAD, when it comes to being one to graciously forgive! I'd call that class! I'd call that as one who seeks to keep things in perspective seeing a  bigger picture on what should be considered the priority, which is not to say the more serious issues of life should not be addressed, which I'm sure she does if and when they come up.  It's been said Susan's CD song selections  have meant something to her in life.  With one like, 'Let Me Be A Channel Of Your Peace', having words as, 'Where there is hatred let me bring your love',  or 'Where there is darkness only light', we see this is similar  with the gracious way she responded to the judges in the BGT 2009 semi-final. 

One might consider as well the last few lines of the Stones, 'Wild Horses' song which is on Susan's first  CD, 'No sweeping exists or off stage lines,  Can make me feel bitter, or treat you unkind'. Pretty much sums up what happened in Susan's audition does it not?  As I've  stated, she did not however demand to be vindicated nor did she seek to embarrass anyone for the mistakes made. On to positive constructive things, seems to be Susan's motto, which surely should make her considered to be one of the greatest role models for people today.

 Part 5 Coming Soon!

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