Saturday, August 13, 2011

5 Steps, 1 Jump, 2 Steps and 1 Leap To Succeed!

Browse through your local bookstore and see how many titles are in the self-help section, similar to "7 Steps To Great Success" or "24 Steps To A Happy Marriage". How wonderful I've thought!  Aren't we privileged to have such ingenious individuals who've nailed down the truth in such an expertise fashion?  I must confess however there's been times when I've found it a tad bit nerve wracking being somewhat concerned about the whole ladder to success approach.  I mean what if they're wrong?  What if after step 5 it's not really another step one needs but rather a jump?  I'm sure it can be appreciated that stepping when jumping is really required can lead to dire consequences.

Consider stepping stones in your local creek and you understand it's not like going from point A to point B but rather leaping, jumping is usually also much required. Also if you're acquainted with most of the renown superheroes of our time, Batman, Robin, Superwoman and the like,  then you're fully aware these guys and gals don't just step around issues, nor are they merely pussy footing around! In order for them to achieve success you'll see them jumping, leaping and yes at times they even fly. Perhaps a good question to ask is that if they can't just apply say, 'The 7 Steps To Victory' but real life requires a lot more effect and energy then what about us?  Should we not therefore be a lot more observant of each move we make? Know what's required!

If you take a mere step when a leap is needed consider that it may be such a long way to the bottom with few if any steps to get back up.  Keep in mind as well that you don't want to be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards but seek to see the bigger picture of things. To give an example, you and your spouse have just read the latest best seller by say a Doctor Phillips who cites the '24 Ways' or 'Steps' to have a happy marriage. Step No #17 states, 'Husbands Open The Car Door For Your Wife'.  Hubby states, "But dear, sweet wife I've got a knee problem now and I'm walking with a cane!" Would the author of the book insist."Don't matter ladies if he's got to crawl around to do it make him do so, and yes even if it's pouring rain!"

I'd say leap across that step and move on to #18 because if the partner has an injured leg and you make him do it....he may never be able to walk again. In closing, one might think of me that I'm right now,  leaping and  jumping to a wrong conclusion and wrong conclusions being jumped at yes one needs to watch that too but I highly suspect the great NASA  astronauts understood exactly what I'm saying. What was the very first thing man said upon stepping foot on the moon? 'That's one small step for a man but one giant leap for mankind' Steps, yes even baby ones but know when to jump and leap too!

Note: Yes I know this writing is nutty, crazy and ridiculous which I'm sure you appreciate it was meant to be. I do believe in developing a good stage by stage plan or steps to achieve ones goals or dreams but should we consider those 'Steps' to be thought of as  absolute rigid requirements without giving things a second thought?  I'd say be careful  not be be duped into taking too seriously all things the step makers create.

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  1. Really love your writing and thinking, Bob. Those "Step Experts" sometimes forget they aren't living in everyone's skin.