Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mysterious Lights In The Sky Pt 1

Mystery lights in the sky?  Yes just another way of saying UFO's or unidentified flying objects. I pondered as to whether I should even blog on it. It seems the mere mention of the theme produces snears from the great many high and mighty intellectual elites, the so called guardians over that which is to be considered reasonable thought. I recall in the last US Presidential campaign, U.S. House Representative,  Dennis Kucinich saw his political ambitions thwarted in a television debate by merely acknowledging that he thought he saw a UFO.  One might ask why should another be so marginalized merely for claiming they saw what they believed was something peculiar?

Could the sad truth really be that it's a cheap political ploy designed to split a political contenders support--make him acknowledge his experience of such and you marginalize him as mentally deficient?  As for me I have to acknowledge that I've never seen a UFO so maybe I'm safe from a condescending opinion concerning myself. It could be however that I saw a UFO but thought it was a regular plane the same as maybe the cynics have done. Would I say the most renown UFO reports seem credible? One of the most talked about UFO accounts  would be Roswell but in seeking to arrive at a sense of a UFO case to seem credible I wouldn't touch the Roswell case with a 10  foot pole.

The problem with the Roswell story isn't that it's not interesting to hear but rather it's been overplayed constantly and people tire of hearing it. Yes, a UFO allegedly crashed in the desert and the sly ole military confiscated the debris and hid it awayor... so the story goes.  All our modern tech actually came about by backwards engineering taking apart that craft, or don't yeah know. Aliens are supposedly advanced beyond us? If so why would they need to hover at so low attitudes to have a sense concerning what we're all about?  Can't they do at least as much as us  by zooming in with cameras from space? Roswell plus all the commercialization of the story---alien masks of the greys and t-shirt sales etc, etc, etc,  kind of made the mention of the story a laughable thing. Important to note as well  that it doesn't pass the test of having two main items that can lead to believability from a legal perspective which I'll speak of just ahead.

What about abduction stories? Let's imagine a case about say, Sally-Jane and Billy-Joe claiming they were walking in the woods and a bright light appears, shooting down some ray which transports them within the ship where they claim they were subjected to intrusive experimentation? Would such as that be considered credible? I'd say not. The problem with these type of accounts isn't that it can't be found interesting to hear, like stories around a camp fire, but rather what can one do with them?  From a legal standpoint or in a court of law they'd not stand out as impressive. What would? First of all multiple witnesses of an event. Isn't that what convinces a jury?

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