Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mystery Lights In The Sky Pt 3

So...perhaps interesting mysterious things do take place. Acknowledging the possibility of such we're left with what conclusion? Is it that we're not alone that life must have came from other worlds?  Reading after many who are into ufology  that seems to be the usual conclusion  drawn. Quite interesting that a different  approach was put forth in Jacques Vallee's book,  'Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucer'. It was stated  by Vallée, who was very much considered  one of the top  leaders in the study of UFO's and was considered the real-life model for one of the characters in Spielberg's, 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' that UFO phenomena seemed to follow along the lines and pattern of supernatural manifestations of angels , ghosts and psychic phenomena. 

To put it another way he felt the assumptions that many ufologists were making had need to be drawn into question. Instead of  extraterrestrials Vallee considered we might be looking at rather an interdimensional reality.  It's not so much that they came here but rather that they've always been here within inner space. Holding to such a possibility Vallee found it alienated him from most of the pure materialists within ufology. One might say materialists refused to consider a spiritual/supernatural  possibility as the greater answer to the UFO question. The idea was that such entities  would look at whatever the current  culture was into and create and produce visual illusions accordingly. Perhaps it could be said before the time a culture could consider  space travel  it may have been phantom tall ships on the sea which would appear.

This could mean that UFO's may no more be physically substantial any more then mystery ghost ships on the ocean in generations  past. As to whether such a thought could be the case who knows?  It does however provide another avenue of looking at the theme, thinking  out of the box, or the seeing of a bigger picture. Instead of the equation being, 3x3 equally 9 the true way of  looking it it might be 3+3 equally 6. As stated Vallee's hypothesis was not well received by ufologists which I consider rather ironic. It seems from advocates believing in UFO's who are constantly encouraging everyone  to keep an open mind one would think they themselves would exercise the same way of reasoning---keep your mind open to all possibilities. 

Vallee had went on record to say that he is presently viewed as a "heretic among heretics" and among other ufologists he's veiwed as an outcast. If you're considered an outcast by Ufologists then keep in mind you must be way out there in the twilight zone...but who knows? Maybe that's where the UFO's are from.

This is the end of "Mystery Lights in The Sky" but perhaps you'd like to read one of my blogs similar, which I entitled, "The Scariest Halloween On Record" The theme is concerning the "War Of The Worlds" radio broadcast in 1938 which too you might say is a UFO blog. To enjoy please click on the link below,


  1. Wow...I am always intrigued with paranormal things like that.

  2. Thanks Maria and we most certainly do live in an interesting universe! :)