Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hippies Are Groovy But Occupiers Far Out? (Pt-2)

     Part 1 of "Hippies Are Groovy But Occupiers Far Out?"

      I welcome you now to Part 2 of "Hippies Are Groovy But Occupiers Far Out?"

One even allowed an elderly person to go ahead of them in a department store line, and another had said, "Thank you Maam" while paying for their goods! Surely that had to count for something! Also they seemed to have common earthly names like the rest of us, for if memory serves me correct, I'm sure I heard one of them call their friend  "Bill" and she was  addressed by the  other as  "Hillary" so how much more down to earth can you get then that? All in all the hippie people didn't cause too much damage, except as I say buying up all our supplies but in the days ahead all store shelves were replenished with stock boys working overtime.  

Fast-forward now to the present date of November 10, 2011, forty one years later. The hippie folk got old and for them most part became respectable members of society. They're now in their sunset years, but the dawning of a new day brings the "Occupy People" which some find reminiscent of the hippies. As there predecessors before them they've been labelled as "good for nothing bums". Occupy people are ticked off at the establishment, and long for a brave new world where fairness and equality reigns. They live in parks, tents and rally in the streets, in multitude of cities, ringing out their message that there must be change. They've been stereotyped  but I wonder if they can be. Are they good for nothing bums guilty of not doing what it takes in applying themselves to become a success? Are they short sighted, failing to see the bigger picture, not understanding the finer points of how to make it in life? Are they merely whiners and cry-babies?

Undoubtedly many could be but I suspect if one were to go among their numbers like the hippie movement years before that just like them you might even find an odd one which is nice, hey just like the hippies!    What is the Occupy Movement? Do they know themselves? There are  absolutely no precise goals they want to accomplish except it seems to strongly vocalize their exasperation of the conduct and treatment from the powers which be. Does that however equate to a non-message as some would claim? History would say no. The message of the 60's and 70's was similarly the same, and as one might recall the Beatles sang out "All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance". What peace, and where, and at all times?  Not too much was clear nor precise but the call went out the same for necessary change.

Part 3 of "Hippies Groovy But The Occupiers Far Out" ----> Coming Soon

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